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    Fume extraction

    I use the VODEX pure beauty, this has an arm that removes particles directly from your breathing zone. I am getting on well with it so far, it appeared to be the best source capture system I could find in the UK.
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    Anyone done these?

    Offcuts of minxillusion rose would look amazing for this!
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    CND Creative Play?

    Yes its normal nail polish- anything you'd normally use polish for. :-) I found the pigment so good in some of the colours I was sent they could easily got away with a single coat. Although it nt got the technology of vinylux, its also pretty quick drying too which is anther bonus x Kayley x
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    CND Creative Play?

    I have had my hands on it and have to say, its lovely! I know im bias but I found it really creamy to work with and the pigment is strong. We have a competition on Sweet Squared's facebook home page, share one of your favorite pictures by one of the educators using the hashtag #CNDCreativeplay...
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    October blues!

    Use this time as the calm before the storm! Everything picks up in the run up to christmas for most. Use the time to ensure books are up to date, salon is clean, get your marketing organised, anything else that you never seem to find the time to get done.
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    Instagram - please follow

    I love instagram!! Im @NailyKayley :-)
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    Lost my acrylic mojo

    I bet it's all you'll need for a boost! :)
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    Air pocket in false nails? Please help

    Emily, contact your educator directly and let her know your keeping your eye out for a skill building clas- often they are scheduled with demand in mind. If nobody is asking for something we may not run it as frequently. Centre pocket lifting does need to be removed properly during a rebalance...
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    Lost my acrylic mojo

    I think its normal to be out of practice if you have been out of the game for a while! Spend some time getting to know your products again and having some practice, you'll be back to where you were in no time! If you need a little guidance it would be a great time to get in touch with a trainer...
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    Nail table to rent-Essex

    Im looking to rent out the spare table in my nail room. The room is shared with me in a little cottage just off of Billericay High Street. Its available 8.30-6 mon-fri 9-4 saturday. The rent will be £65pw. The renter should have either their own existing client base or the get up and go to go...
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    CND Shellac, bit of a problem-help!

    When Pepping the nails as advised make sure cuticle away is fully and thoroughly removed but also make sure the nails are dry after using your soapy water and before you Scrubfresh. Make sure you scrubfresh thoroughly including across and just under the free edge, scrubbing the scrubfresh in...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    its been ages since i joined in on this thread! here's what im wearing....
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    First tanning client, help!

    Fake it till you make it! Relax, get a little practice in and do as you have been taught. Even if your nervous as hell, dont tell the client they are your first and they will probably never guess! Take a towel to put down outside the front of your tent if you are mobile too, i find it...
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    Shellac – increasing insufficient coverage

    Sometimes I notice in class, people that struggle to get good coverage can improve it by adjusting the angle with which they polish. Try polishing with a light touch, keeping the brush more parallel to the nail so it smooths the colour on- so the brush bristles hardly bend. Those using more...
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    Best place to check if your 'allowed' is your own insurers, if they are ok with it and you are happy to then go for it :)