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    Blue Orchid business support

    Yes, I know them well in the NW- they are excellent. Very flexible, responsive and focussed on developing new and small businesses. I know they've lost funding for one of their programmes recently (Making Business Work) so there might be some changes, depending whereabouts in the country you...
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    Clean Eating

    The Coconut Mama is good. There are also some nice recipes on Davina McCalls website (she does 5 weeks to sugar free). Also, try googling Paleo recipes. Good luck.
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    Downy hair remover?

    I think you mean an alkaline wash- http://www.dmk-uk.com/treatments/alkaline-wash-fine-downy-hair-removal/
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    Allergic to everything suddenly-help!

    You can suddenly become allergic to things (unfortunately!). Although it appears to be immediate, the process is that the body sends 'markers' showing that the body is reacting however as these are so small we don't usually recognise what they are. There is an argument that once you develop an...
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    Who is responsible for getting in clients?

    Just to add, what works for one salon won't necessarily work for another. There are too many influencing factors involved. Have you considered getting a mentor? Having someone impartial might help you to take a step back and look at your business in different ways. They will never tell you or...
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    Who is responsible for getting in clients?

    Whilst I don't think your therapist should be aggressively ringing people to book them in, I actually think marketing is a shared responsibility of all staff. The degree of responsibility just differs. Absolutely it's your responsibility to lead and develop your marketing strategy. At the same...
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    Advice on a job promotion

    Consider how you will make the transition from working alongside your colleagues to actually managing them. It's not always an easy process! Consider what your development and training needs are to make the step up to the role. Good luck :)
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    Have I done the right thing at the end of my 1st financial year?

    Errrrm, just a reminder that this is a public forum so be mindful that it could be easy to identify people via things posted eg. location/ Facebook / website links etc. Just be aware of what you're saying..... 👀
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    Should I pay money back from when I was self employed

    What would you expect if the situation was reversed and she owed you money? If I couldn't afford it, I'd offer a repayment plan.
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    Price lists

    I use a designer through the freelancer website People Per Hour. They don't have the overheads of some businesses as they are often small or start up businesses working from home. You can check reviews, request examples of work and specify whether you want someone local/national etc. Very often...
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    New salon problems

    Mary's story- 3rd para down. Started with $40k and added on bills... This includes all fixed and variable costs eg. Rent, insurance, products, training, wages, licences, cleaning, uniforms, refurb costs etc etc
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    This was the situation that I was in. I spoke to Dermalogica who insisted that I take out a new account, despite the fact that it was a business transfer and I was buying the business which should include existing accounts. That said, the owner at the time hadn't done any marketing and didn't...
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    Need help choosing a make up course

    Are the courses accredited, please?
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    HD eyebrow claim

    Was the card signed by her at the time? If not, then it could be claimed that the card was filled in subsequent to the appointment.
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    Self employed doing own accounts?

    I use the HMRC RTI software for payroll. https://www.gov.uk/basic-paye-tools/download-for-this-tax-year It's free and stupidly easy to use. It takes a maximum of about 10 minutes to do every month. The only thing that it doesn't do is payslips, but these are very easy to do yourself just...