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  • Choochy! I've been missing for a while! SG isn't what it used to be so I haven't bothered with it. I love Gelish but we don't use it at our salon so I haven't ordered any more but I see that you are doing beautifully with it!
    Hello you! Sorry I been away for so long! How are you, hope you are ok? I have some news - I have given up the salon. I wasn't getting enough customers to make it worth while, and it was beginning to make me stress a little too much and become ill. I'm still in the process of closing down the contracts/hmrc stuff so I've only just finished, but already I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. :) xx
    Hey hun, Sorry I thought I'd replied! How are things going? I'm quiet at the minute which is really infuriating. Spent so much for Christmas gift stock in the salon and I don't know if I'm going to sell them or not. I don't even have a huge amount of bookings for Christmas. I started my own Christmas shopping this week, but I can't believe it's only just around the corner. I'm feeling Christmassy this year which is unlike me. I already want to put the salon tree up lol Did you write your cards in the end? I haven't even bought any! x
    Hey hun, I'm ok thanks. How are you? Work is a bit slow at the minute, hoping I'll get a rush on soon and steam through to the end of the year lol Yes, doing Shellac now. I got an allergic reaction to Gelish so switched over, again! Hope you are well and busy? x
    Hi. sorry I havn't been on here for so long. Tell med what flowers you would like to see, and I can try to make a step by step :)
    Hi hun, you're welcome!
    I'm having one hell of a week. It's supposed to be my week off, on Tuesday I had Gelish training which was fun. Then Wednesday evening I got an email regarding an allegation of breach of a trademark. Apparently Beautique was trademarked and I didn't know. Now I have 28 days to cease using that name and trading under it, so my rest days are being turned in to frantic working and worry that these things will get done on time! Argh!

    Ha, I'm not sure about tanning. I've done two courses with Sienna X Spray Tan and I still don't like it. I think it plays a little on my asthma too which isn't good :(

    How are things going with you? I hope you are keeping busy? xx
    Hey Missy, I took that picture. It's in my Sorts photo album. Tried to get the best comparison I could. xx
    Hey hun,
    That's not good about the Sunday is it? Maybe have a sign in your salon, on your website and/or facebook page stating the hours you work. Don't start working on the day, days off are important to use. We need to relax and unwind just like everyone else!

    I've not had a client with eczema on the nail plate, so I'm not sure. Have you tried calling Nail Harmony? See if they can help, they are generally pretty good. Just gonna pm you x
    Hey you, I have replied to the picture comment. I will take a pic tomorrow if I have time of the pinks I have as a comparison for you xx
    Hey you, I hope you are going to take some time for yourself this week and not spend all the time chasing yourself around getting things done. :) I managed to pop a muscle in my back right by my spine so I've been on high dose of medication which makes me very sleepy and drowsy, not been working much and generally in pain. Starting to get better though, so that's good! Had nothing planned for the weekend, can't really do anything with my back it the minute. Did put 5lb on in a week though, eek, which I'm sure has been from me not moving as much as my food was the same as usual. xx
    I'm good thanks hun, you? Have a bad back at the minute and although the doctor says I shouldn't work I'm back in the salon tomorrow, haha. How are you? xx
    Hi Choochy! Haven't been on SG much lately. My full-time job has been taking up all of my time. How are you?
    Aww thanks hun. Glad to hear you like Sweet Chocolate, it's one of my clients favourite colours. I'm doing ok, just plodding through the day. Had a marathon car event this morning what with taking car to garage and getting courtesy car between clients, was tight but made it and now driving a sexy black BMW for today lol hope you are well xx
    Hey you, Sweet Chocolate it not like any other colour that I won, although I don't own My Forbidden love or Drawn Together. It's a lovely chocolate colour with a purplish undertone (comes out purpley on first thin coat) and gold metallic through it. Gorgeous!

    Shop is ok, making decisions what with rent, beauty etc you know how it is.

    Also going through a very very low moment at the minute. I'm not good enough blah blah lol How are you?? xxx
    Hey you, I'm all good thanks. Hope you are too? Are you finding with the nicer weather that you are picking up and getting busier?
    Typical about the shelves, it's always the way isn't it? It's a shame you couldn't seel them and get a bit of money for them. x
    Hey you, I'm good thanks. How are you? Are you keeping busy?
    Did you manage to sell your shelves in the end? xx
    Hey hun, thanks for the picture comment. They are all Gelish! I used Simple Sheer and faded the glitter in, top coat, the drew the squares on and outlined lol So So simple, but they look really effective. Everyone who has seen the lady loves them! Hope you are ok chicken? x
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