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    Liverpool head stylist and head barber

    I'm in the process of opening a new salon/barbers in Liverpool and require ahead stylist and head barber for this city centre location. If your interested in the role please drop me a message with details on your qualifications and experience so we can chat about this opportunity.
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    Thoughts on possible new venture please?

    What part of Gran Canaria is It in? I agree the price sounds high but there is a market for a targeted audience business in the right area.
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    Looking to open a barbers

    Do you find that male clients prefer this?has it helped trade?
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    Looking to open a barbers

    Yea I liked that I could get everything done I wanted too in one place when I visited a barbers in Spain. Things would be of different floors to add a feel of different business. And would only be done if showers etc could be installed. For me it's about changing perception, if you can get it...
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    Looking to open a barbers

    Of course, I'd be looking at having a head barber and focusing on the massage and waxing myself. But I want to be trained in each aspect of the offer!
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    Looking to open a barbers

    New to the site, hi everyone. I'm trained in massage and waxing and I'm thinking of training to be a barber and opening a barbers,im after some advice. Before training in massage and waxing I run restaurants for 15 years, do you think the customer care side is similar? I'm looking at a big...