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    Naming a home salon

    I wondered the same thing when I was naming my business as I'm going to be working from my home hair salon (converted garage) and didn't want people thinking they were coming to a high street type hair salon and then being dissappinted or feel misled when they got to me (although I think my...
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    Best wet wall colour?

    Hi! I share your excitement - my garage conversion to a home hair salon is half way through! Can't help re the wet wall but I'm having one wall wallpapered in a damask print from laura ashley - they do quite a few colours and do a couple of vinyl ones if you want it washable (although you can...
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    Has anyone used Cramer Colour by Kemon?

    Hi fellow geeks! Am a recent joiner - been reading the posts for a while and so much useful information! I'm in the process of opening a home salon as want to move away from being mobile (persuaded the husband to give up the garage to me and is being converted as I type!) I'm looking...
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    What step do I take next-mobile?

    Hi! Not an answer to your question, but wondering how you got your first clients? I'm just starting up mobile/home salon and not sure where to start! I've done a Facebook page but not sure if I should be advertising etc. Hope you don't mind me asking! xx Sent from my GT-N7105 using SalonGeek...
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    Newly qualified pricing?

    Can't help with specific pricing - just starting out myself! But I would say don't under sell yourself - you'll find it hard to put prices up once you're established. If you want to offer lower prices (and encourage new clients) then maybe set your prices at where you want to be and offer a...
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    Best portable card reader for low use?

    I use the iZettle chip and pin - cost £49 to buy unit then 2.75% per transaction so if you don't use it there are no charges. No monthly charge - very easy to use. Connects to your phone via bluetooth and goes over Wi Fi or 3g. Would highly recommend - makes you look much more professional and...