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  • Hiya, i am good thanks! its nice to hear from you, glad to see your still here.
    Hope things are going well for you. x /(*_*)\
    Hey hun. How you doing? You were the first geek i ever mailed when i joined the forum. xox
    am new member to this site dont seem to be able to get on the chat page keeps comin up as error dont suppose you would know what im doin wrong ?
    your welcome
    i am going to have a ok day but its going to 78 n sunny
    hope all is cool with you
    Awwee.. thanks for your concern Christi... you are so thoughtful :hug: All is well though with me and my family. We live high up so no chance of flooding for us. I did have to go and rescue my hubby tho as the trains from Leeds were cancelled so he got a lift down the motorway to Milnrow where his boss dropped him off and I picked him up there.

    Love and hugs J
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