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  • Hhhmmm - cause you cant go into the album itslef to change it can you? I think you may have to add a new album (make sure you use only words). Do you have copies of the photos on your computer?
    Congratulations Christine - by the way - have you tried renaming your albums nails and (not &) nail art - that way you wont have the & in and they may work then.
    Congratulations sorry I hadn't realised you were a Geek when I saw the results :smack: Beautiful work!!
    Thanks for the comment on my pic.. it's a great compliment coming from someone who produces work like you do x
    How frustrating, I see that you have new albums up and when I click on them it directs me back to the home must be frustrated!!!! Oh well hopefully they'll be back to normal soon and I can check out your stuff :)
    they are very nice.. you are very clever...
    I hope they fix your album soon... it is a shame on one can see your work...
    X Mel
    hi there,
    Iwas trying to view your nail art on thread but i can't see it.. i also tried to look in your album but i cant see it there either/.. where can i go to see it please please please x mel
    Hi, I'm new here, new to nails and loooove your work!!! You're very talented!!! Keep up the spectacular work :)
    thanks for the tips on the bullion beads.. i was ready to throw them in the bin they were giving me the S*&^!... i will try again with your advice.
    X Mel
    Hi there Christine, wow, it is so nice to see you here! I thought I recognized your beautiful work! I am in awe of your talent. Just Brilliant! Hugs, Deb xxx
    Hin Christine

    Had a look at your album.. what can i say there great would be here all night comenting on what once which was are
    the airbush pics are great. do you think its easy to get the hang off and do alot of clients like the airbush and are they many design to choose from ... So for all
    Nei si det, jeg kaller det det.... dekorering på farget støp....nei, det er sikkert feil ord. Det heter helt sikker CB det også. Bruker så sjelden farger og glitter, har ikke blandet noe 'unaturlig' av de første kursene jeg tok.

    Fargen bør faktisk ikke sees bare i forhold til neglsengen, men i forhold til hudens fargenyanser. Det er en grunn til at CB er et 2-3 dagers kurs :) Det er ikke så lett.
    Fargedekor og CB er to vidt forskjellige ting å jobbe med, så det vil jeg nok tro er er utfordrende.
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