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    When to put prices up?

    I‘ve been doing gels since June last year and Acrylics since September this year. I’ve kept my prices the same since I started but am putting them up as of tomorrow. I’ve given my existing clients 6 weeks notice and have repeatedly posted it on my Facebook page. I think going up from £15 is more...
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    New client query

    Thank you ❤️ People like you are the reason I love this forum! Advice taken and I hope you have a great new year
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    New client query

    Hi ladies, Sorry to be asking this on New Year’s Eve but just looking for some advice... I’ve had a new client request an appointment but also for me to remove another techs work. I’ve refused to do the removal after a bad experience previously. I advised that she go back to her original tech...
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    Non self leveling hard gel

    ProNails have a variety of gels however they only offer training in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and passing their course is the only way to purchase the products.
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    Gel cracking/splitting after 24 hours

    Thanks for the super fast reply! Yes, lamp matches the system. She is a nail biter, so possibly.
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    Gel cracking/splitting after 24 hours

    Hi everyone, I was hoping you lovely ladies could give me some advice? My mother-in-law sent me this pic of her friends’ nails that I did Saturday night - apparently, they did this last night. I’m not really sure what’s happened? I prepped as normal (I did 3 other sets that night and no similar...
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    Training courses

    How was Kylea's course Ciderella? I'm booked in with her in November and can't wait :)
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    Mobile nails/home salon

    I currently work as a mobile tech simply because of current living arrangements and can't wait until I can be home salon-based. I have had so much damage done to equipment by clients' kids/pets and, because I can't dictate who is/isn't in their house, the only thing you can do is ask them to...
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    Help, difficult client!

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all you ladies for your wonderful help and advice. I hope one day I'm able to give such great advice to another struggling newbie <3
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    Help, difficult client!

    Thank you for this advice - I will definitely type something up this evening. Having spoken to someone else about this client who has also dealt with her for a different service, this isn't the first time she's acted this way which has made me feel slightly better. I will definitely screenshot...
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    Facebook booking system

    I use FB to book apps and I've found it to be really good. You have the option to approve appointments before they're confirmed which means that you have the opportunity to have a brief conversation with the client over Messenger beforehand (useful if they need a patch test etc. before the...
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    Help, difficult client!

    I honestly think it may have something to do with how little I charge - I feel like maybe if you pay less, you don't look after the nails as much? You're right, I don't want any of her friends as clients if I have to go through this again.
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    Help, difficult client!

    I actually didn't answer the last one as she is the type to screenshot something and post to social media - I just don't believe there's any way that I can come across well in this. She's saying that I'm selling myself as a mobile nail technician but won't take on mothers of young children which...
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    Help, difficult client!

    I actually told her that most of it was toxic and, as some of the pots leak, the child could accidentally ingest some of the product (so easy for a little one to put fingers in mouth without thinking). She was concerned for the first 5 minutes and then she answered a phone call and stopped...
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    Help, difficult client!

    Thank you for the advice - I have sent her a message detailing everything I've mentioned above and why I can't work on her and she's now told me she'll be telling everyone I do terrible work and that whilst my sets look good, they fall off after a day. I guess you can't win them all :)