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  • Hi, iv'e joined your page on facebook to support a fellow Cumbrian. We're based in Workington not too far from yourself. Vizion Hairandbeauty on facebook :)
    Well, I took them off today, (you might have seen my post in the nail forums lol), I picked at them and took some of my nail off with them ... oops! lol, but I have now been advised on how to remove them properly, so I'm looking forward to trying them again! xXx
    Hi, just to let you know, we now have the new OPI Butlesque collection at Salon Services. There's some minis and some Xmas specials too. The colours are gorgeous! :)
    Aww bless! I bet she loved them. I'm so gutted I can't find my portfolio :( which means I can't send my certificates to set an account with Sweet Squared. Will have to have a mega hunt for them this week hopefully will find them and get some Minx soon xXx
    I applied my TNWs yesterday, was quite surprised at how good they look. And they still look perfect after ripping up cardboard boxes with them all day! lol I got the pink & silver stripy ones. Which ones did you use? I am still excited about trying minx, as a lot of people say its even better, although we do have some customers that say TNW is just as good xxXxx
    I'm fine thanks! How are you? I've not used minx yet, but a few customers have and they still like the Trendy Nail Wraps, they've been very popular. I might try some myself this week :)
    Hiya, I'm still not sure when we will get the Xmas OPI in stock, but we have the Swiss collection in now. There's some gorgeous colours xXx
    Ooh I'm not sure. I'll look out for them and let you know when they arrive. We're getting minx in too, but will probably be a couple of months yet xXx
    Its really difficult to decide which direction to go in when you're not actually working as a bauty therapist! Lol, I think the best thing would probs be to do level 3, try n get a job working for someone to gain experience, then if I do become self employed, I can be a bit more picky. Thanks for all your help!! Hopefully the college will be finished by next year (fingers crossd for new salons!) :D
    I have been thinking of going back to college next September to do level 3 and hopefully find a placement, even just 1day a week while I'm there. But I don't know if it would be best just to stay at level2 and do the add ons (eyelashes, tanning, etc). Do you think the level 3 electrical treatments are popular in our area at the min? We deff need a group on here for Cumbrians! lol xXx
    Its good that you knew what you wanted to do right from school. I would love to go mobile (when I pass my driving test lol) but I wouldn't want to do it with no experience, and its so hard to get a salon job without experience!! What courses did you study at college? xXx
    Sounds lovely :) I work at Salon Services, just started there a couple of months ago. Yey minx! I think it looks amazing, I love nail art :) I'm hoping to get training when we get minx at work. How long have you been working as a beauty therapist? xXx
    Oh yer, I know where you mean! It must be great to be in a salon. I couldn't get a salon job after I left college :'( no experience and all that, lol. What treatments do you do there? xXx
    Hiya, thanks for the friend request! :D just noticed you're from Carlisle (woop woop!) whereabouts is your salon? xXx
    hiya hun. I got them from the range for £1.99 a pack eally cheap and really bling. i've seen similar ones in home bargains too, you get a bog one, two mwdium ones and loads of little ones. hth x x
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