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  • You're very welcome :biggrin: Glad it helped someone.... i spent quite a while looking for somewhere to get one, the seem a bit illusive!! xxxx
    You're very welcome... I can't believe you didn't know about the rep thing 'till now LOL... if you hover your mouse over the little blue buttons you'll see a new funny message each time you get rep.. your one says "claire is carrying over $6 in change" at the moment and when someone reps you, you get more points and that message will change... then the more rep you get, the more litttle blue boxes you'll get... it's fun and it's really nice when someone reps you and leaves a nice message... have fun and get repping!! :)
    Hi Claire,

    I notice you're in Guisborough...that's not (too) far from me, I'm in Stockton on Tees. It's nice to find more geeks from 'this neck of the woods' :hug:

    Ang xx
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