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    Lighting when doing spray tan

    Ooh thanks girls. I'll have a look at a clip on light. I was beginning to think a head torch was the only option!
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    Lighting when doing spray tan

    Hi. I'm fairly new to spray tanning, mainly do nails but started as an add on. I have the sunless solutions inflatable spray tent and I struggle with a good light to see what I'm doing. What does everyone else do? Maybe my clients are too far in to the tent. If I have over head lighting I can't...
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    Bubbles on Gelish that disappear the next day!

    I've had this too on one colour only and it was on my own nails. I did nothing other than watch TV after doing them and have no idea why it happened. They were gone in the morning!
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    Hand protection?

    I use plastic backed wipes with a little tab to cleanse nail plates and the inhibition layer off gels. Don't really get anything else other than hand cream and oil on my hands. Worth a try. I found that the cleanse dried my nails on the middle and index finger so tried them and never looked back. X
  5. Gelish with kooky on ring finger

    Gelish with kooky on ring finger

  6. Gelish hard gel training nails

    Gelish hard gel training nails

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  8. Lizannes holiday nails with real flower embedded

    Lizannes holiday nails with real flower embedded

  9. Rainbow fades with gelish

    Rainbow fades with gelish

  10. Ring finger fade with gelsh

    Ring finger fade with gelsh

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    Dealing with preconceived notions being a nail tech

    I along with loads of others who've posted also have a degree, mines in chemistry and I also work as a research scientist in industrial catalysis. A lot of my clients are fascinated by my dual roles in life, I love both my jobs and find them very complimentary, my science knowledge just makes...
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    Gelish-most popular summer colours?

    My most popular have been all the glow collection. So glad I bought them, I nearly didn't because I have the rio neons too but sooo popular!
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    Question for anyone that has done training with Red10 in Doncaster

    Hi. I can't help with your specific question as ive not done that specific course with them but didn't want to read and run. I would give them a ring there, the girls are fab and really friendly. They will tell you when you need a model. C x
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    Vinylux vs your previous nail polish?

    I've just invested in vinylux!!! I'm quite excited about it really, I have a few ladies who would love gel polish but are having chemo or have other reasons why they couldn't keep colour on, so would maybe need to take polish off quickly. I've never invested in a polish before as in my opinion...
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    Mobile kit insurance, advice needed please geeks!

    I don't think it's just for being pinched from your car, it also covers theft or damage whilst at home, what if you had a car accident and your kit got smashed up in the boot, I don't think my car insurance would cover it! If you start adding it all up it certainly mounts up if you needed to...