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  • your welcome, I know it seems a bit pointless that forum cos no one ever really looks it was only cos I seen your name that I went to have a nose :)
    Hi, no i stopped to make noodles and watch the news, now ive thought of another two, have a good weekend claire x
    Oh, I love additives!

    You can either use them to do a fade (turquoise gel/shellac with deep blue fades are stunning), or paint the whole nail white and just burnish the additives on - you can either leave it full coverage and plain like so: http://oi43.tinypic.com/311um1f.jpg and just topcoat or you can drop a few dots of Isopropyl Achohol to 'marble it'.

    You could apply a gel polish right through to top coat and then put the additives on, however you wish. Then dot with top coat and cure, then remove and you're left with a little design.
    Hold some netting over the nail and pat on some additives for a snakeskin effect.

    Also, did you know we have an additives group?

    I bet once you start, you won't be able to stop!
    Hey Claire, you're more than welcome. I tend to get a little excited when it comes to questions, etc but if you wanna ask anything else, please do! :) x
    It was really mad over 3 hours in a Q for sweet squared and we got there before was meant to open and they let us in, so we went straight there, felt for people after us must've been ages waiting.

    Saw the jazz polish, it doesn't dry quick and need bottom and top coat, dries same as opi etc and nice colours but pops looked patchy so not sure what they'd be like on nails hun, I didn't buy any rather stick to vinylux and it cost more too
    Aww that's a shame about the Gelish causing a possible reaction, I have a client the same but she's fine with shellac :)
    That's not right at all, brisa lite sculpting comes off easily, I'd say that she didn't have enough remover soaked on the pad or her foil was loose so started drying out, I even have clients who remove it at home via instructions that are on my facebook within 40 mins with no probs x
    I'm excited can't wait, hopefully you can come to the next one :)

    Yea went last year and queuing is long but same as all shows, I'm meeting a few nail techs so we will be having a chinwag laugh as we Q and I've made banana bread so gonna be munching that too lol

    I will prob buy one and see what it like, so will def let you know and brisa lite sculpting is so very easy to debulk file, easier than nsi and soak of time after debulking is anywhere from 20/30 mins and clean off. I love it.
    The reason gels don't cure is down to inefficient lamp and initiator combinations. Especially when using generic lamps. They fully cure over time because of UV from sunlight generally.
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