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  • Hi ya. 2 things to look at.
    1: acrylic takes up to 48 hours to cure. So filings of new application still contain uncured monomers that can react with soft tissue
    2: most gels take up to 24+ hours to fully cure. So the filings still contain un cured and under cured plug oligomers (short chains of monomers) and because most gels have more allergenic ingredients they are still highly irritating
    Note: some gel company's go to great lengths to ensure Thor lamps cure more thoroughly and contain less aggressive ingredients (such as CND brisa)
    Note: the sticky layer that is always left due to oxygen inhibiting cure IS uncured gel and is highly irritating.

    Hope that helps. Allen
    It will come with time, good way is to get someone who bites their nails to help you do the forms, me I'm doing sculpts on a man on Friday, should be fun lol
    I do a few sets and just spray in between and keep the file in a seperate box from nursed ones.
    I have an efile, I use it occ on me if have ext on to remove shellac or gelish but at the moment all my own nails and just to get the stubborn bits round the edges, but not on clients till I do a course, then I would only use it to remove shellac or gel polish
    Hey don't worry I did it first time too, then remembered, I personally hate infills/rebalances lol especially if they have shellac or Gelish on arghhhhh :( lol x
    Hi Claire, Just thought you might want to know that there is a VAT free day this Thursday (5th Sept) at Sallys and Nail Harmony. We were chatting on a thread about it xxx
    Glad that helped! I think the bottom line with a power of attorney or deputyship is that you are legally bound to act in the best interests of the person you are acting for. So if someone with power of attorney is spending the other person's money on themselves (as opposed to paying for the care of the other person), then this would be breaking the law. Do you know if the Court of Protection are supervising your mother, incidentally? As a Deputy, I have to prepare an annual report to the Court, outlining expenditure etc.
    Thank you so much for the visitor message! I'm sorry I missed it but I use the SG app mostly :) I'm glad you like my nails!! :hug: xxx
    Forms I use nsi clear for gel as s2 out of stock and for l&p I use CND

    S2 do good tips the velocity ones apart from that I like pro impressions ones...

    Hiyas yea I now time bomb bought few bits from there and my daughters friend used to work there too, she might still do Emily, they went to school together. Unfort no I don't know anyone renting a flat, sorry and yea agree I think they were a troll too, hopefully won't be back.
    Rofl... I never thought you were (peeks thru curtains to check no one outside) ;) and thanks, I love doing 3d and blingy work... Xx
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