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  • No demos are free and I know nsi often do them so I'd recommend them and glitter they do lovely glitter, prob do Swarovski crystals too, you can get some great stuff from crystal nails too, glter and bits.

    Olympia is bigger and mad lol but worth it and def recommend going, I spent wry to much last year as did at excel earlier but it's all worth it :) x
    Yea that would be fab, def like to meet up, I've spent so much in last week, arghhhhh had to buy stuff for my art shellac course and all the new gelish and bits, plus other stff I'm broke lol
    I've decided not to go, from what I gather the big names I want sweet squared and harmony aren't there, nsi are but I don't need anything from them and crystal nails I can wait till September and go to Olympia, so going to save my pennies for Sept. but thanks for the offer, if was going would have been fab, are you gong to Olympia sept, I go with a friend but if you are happy to meet for a chinwag :) x
    Yea I could not get it to sweep with a base colour, Geeg told my to try and pointed brush which I haven't got, with vinylux I'm just going to stick if they want a French to romantique over the top, or white then fill in with another... Much prefer shellac/gelish for French lol x
    I wanted to go but unfort have no one to go with as daughter working and hubby has a football match
    Hiyas, I've not tried foils yet, but the way I would is to use foil glue, make sure there is a tiny margin around and at the free edge, then do 2 top coats, 2nd after a few mins making sure to cap the free edge and around, so sandwiched in and then hopefully that will stop that problem. :) x
    Doing prep then polish, then solar and quick once over with some hand cream, not a massage more a quick squiggle round lol and I'm a play worker and ta helper I run clubs in a primary school, things like sewing, cross stitch, basket masking, tablet game club etc and help in lunch all and do morning stint in nursery once a week and help in any class as needed, love it and fits well with my nails x
    Lmao the ghetto, love it, I drive thru there to go to my job in a school every day and to be honest I have heard it called worse, I live on the outskirts of Croydon bordering se25 and beckenham, so not near the "ghetto" chuckle and yea M25 biggest car park in the UK :)
    If you double top coat it. It could last two weeks. It will last better with structure.
    No - haven't tried it but I think the idea will make it easy to sell and will grab another target group. I don' mind normal polish though lol

    I'd go for red baroness, grape gum, midnight swim, azure wish is a light blue and lovely and for a nude I like cocoa which they don't do so I'd say powder my nose :) if your going for a nice French I'd choose romantique, powder puff and also grapefruit sparkle which looks lovely over romantique if they want a bit of twinke, and also looks yummy on own or with a French, hth Hun x
    I saw you are going to paint over Gelish (among other things) can't you just pain't normal polish over Gelish- I do.
    I have been meaning to buy a wheat bag for ages. Have a lovely hot water bottle with fleecy cover but for the life of me cant find the lid!
    its best to top it iwith some Gelish structure then top coat. If you don't have that use 2 coats of top coat. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
    After you use TIO, cleanse then apply foil glue, let it dry at least 5 minutes! You can also draw designs with the glue. The press the foil with the design side up and then "rip" it off. Holly had great videos for Shellac which is stickier and doesn't need glue like Gelish. Shellac + transfer foil or metallic leafing - YouTube
    CND Shellac w/full foil - YouTube
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