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  • No problem. I love the decals and wish I could use them more. As for freehand nail art, keep practising and you will get quicker, as they say practice makes perfect. Don't worry about the time, just concentrate on creating good work. You will eventually find a way to create your art and make it work for you. Remember not all of us do things the same way, and just because one person does it one way doesn't mean it will work as well for you. You need time to experiment, not feel hassled and just have some play time - it's my favourite thing to do! x
    I find them easy to apply. They came on a sheet with all sizes in rows. I cut out the ones I need in a square shape and then cut closer around. Place them in a tiny amount of water and pull the backing from them.

    I pick them up with an orange wood stick and rest the decal on the back of my hand to remove water residue. Then I place on the nail, position where I want and press down. Do the other finger/s. Return to the first hand/nail and topcoat and repeat on the rest of the fingers.

    No faffing, just nice and simple. I find resting it on your hand removes the excess water which can cause problems and lifting so I make sure to do that. x
    Nope, I just place them on the inhibition layer of the final colour coat, then place my TIO and cure. Usually a little thicker application, but not much. You can do 2 coats if you need to I guess x
    Hi, I just got them from Ebay. Nothing fancy.

    Something like these: LEOPARD Nail Art WRAP Water TRANSFER Decal Animal Print Heart | eBay
    Hey ... having issues with the message system on here, sent you messages but they're not in my sent box. Let me know if you've got them.
    I've heard quite a bit about the Mica powders but have to honest I'm a CND freak so tend to stick to their additives. I don't get to change my shellac as often as I'd like, my current one has been on 15 days, as I have 3 kids, and my youngest is 9 months and my 5 year old is disabled so time is a precious commodity, I can't believe where the days go as it is . Teaches me to appreciate when I do get my nails done though, hallelujah for Brisa Lite Smoothing! Xx
    Haha, you're lucky, I've only just this minute discovered visitor messages as I normally access via the app. I am still yet to understand reputation and geekiness? Any idea? Xx
    Awe I remember my first flower, well looked like a weed lol you'll get there


    And yea course you can friend me :)
    It's ok ask away

    No don't reuse it, use little at a time and yes does smell but as you get more experienced you won't be wiping brush as much and that will help with the smell. Plus if you have some scrub fresh pop on a pad to wipe excess brush on gently that will help the smell too
    You can but will prob reduce the length of time your brush is good, as can damage it, but if your getting you ratio right, you won't need to clean it to much :)

    I mucked my 1st brush up in 2 weeks when learning, now I have a expensive one from crystal nails which I love but I guard it well chuckle x

    Do your one or 2 coats of gelish colour and your topcoat, wipe so not sticky and then do your flower, it will stick to the topcoat don't worry most budging it lol

    I would only clean your brush in the acrylic liquid, just make sure no acrylic get stuck in the brush...

    I'm around most of the day, so will keep checking back
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