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    Why does my colour fade so quickly?

    Thank you. Very interesting
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    Sun In hair lightener

    I can't believe the shops are still allowed to sell Sun In. I used to see so many people come in the salon with their hair destroyed by the stuff (not recently, but hoards of them about 20 years ago. Think it was the "in thing"). Anyway, I would only cut and treat hair that's had Sun In on it...
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    Nosey clients

    Good for you, I wouldn't give her the info either. Whilst people are entitled to change salons, I think it's pretty rude to ask you for the info seeing as though you are close for her to come to.
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    Feel like giving up

    It does knock your confidence early on, but stick to it hun, and chin up. It's not nice, but these times do toughen us up, and help us learn how to handle difficult situations and unhappy clients.
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    Telling off family!

    I can only repeat what others have said, a firm but polite book an appointment, no discounts policy. You (like they do) have to survive in this world. If they owned a pub, they wouldn't allow their family and friends to drink them out of business on freebies, being a hairdresser is no different xx
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    Knots, knots & more knots!

    I would charge extra, they are potentially taking up another slot in your appointment book the time it takes. Depending on the knots I sometimes find it easier teasing them out with my fingers than brushing.
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    Client with itchy, flaky scalp after colouring

    Was this after the skin test? If yes, has she had any exposure to any chemicals, new products or medication? If she hasn't had a skin test, I think you have your answer.
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    Let's talk colour

    For my high lift tints I mostly use Wella (originally trained in Wella). I have previously used Schwarzkopf Igora Royal, Clynol Viton S and Revlonissimo. Always been happy with the colour outcome from all of these ranges, but the difference for me is the conditioning agents in the Wella...
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    Robbie's hair! What do we think?

    I think it's horrible, I think he looks like Pepe le Pew
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    Do you pay for your hair?

    I completely agree with Si_82. We don't pay in our salon. The amount of clients who we get that like our styles/colours etc, and want the same doing. It's free advertising lol.
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    Head lice?

    I turn people away with lice, and offer advice discreetly. If I were to cut a person or childs hair who had lice, and the other clients realised this, I doubt they would come back.
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    Revlon Nutricolor Creme - how many washes?!

    Few factors to consider which are you using? How porous is the hair? How much has it grabbed? I have used 1002 on a high lift tint client, and if I remember correctly, she lost the benefit of it after a couple of washes
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    All of our salon members (regardless of role) wear tunics, black trousers, and smart black shoes. They look great, and look professional
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    Help, hair extension client demanding money back!

    I feel really sorry for you. I have no experience or qualifications in extensions, but it really does look like you have gone above and beyond for her, and followed procedures. Did she know your business is new? I hate to say it, but there are people out there that like to try it on, knowing...
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    12/11 kp with 9%

    What result are you looking for? Are you still looking for (or needing) an ash?