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  • Hiya clare, i am going to book 3 family rooms as close together as poss, for us all at educators at the travelodge, its £80 each for 4 nights total, thats monday night to thurs night, do we want to stay monday night? and do we want to stay friday night after finished?

    Let me know asap and i will book it
    Congratulations on recieving your Masterships xx I bet you had a fantastic week ...the pics on loos site are really lovely lv jo xxxx
    congratulations hun :)
    is it okay to post your news in the ezflow rocks group??..... its okay if you want to do it, let me know
    j xoxox
    awwww thankyou babe,
    I am working on the confidence thing lol,
    I have MUCH more than I used to though...
    I just think I would be better having some training first so I know what to expect, and what the judges are looking for etc....or I will have a panic attack when I get there and chicken out lmao...
    So I suppose in a way, its more to prepare me to save some nerves :)
    Good luck to you though hun ...big massive good lucks ..I might see you there if you are hanging about for a bit :hug:
    Thx ;-) Love your nail art in your albums. You should poste some more!
    hi hun well done chic, was so great to see you again loved your salon nail art design they were wicked xx
    hi hun.... i was going to send a friendship request to you, but we have spoke before, i remember now.. your salon art nails today were fab, i was having a little peak at what you were doing. x
    Let me be the first to leave you a visitor message!!!! Makes a change from me ringing or texting ??!!! xxxxxxx
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