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    Gelez any problems?

    Have you got the new 'grip' base coat or the original base coat? If original, get a grip one which will make all the difference. Still apply thinly, working base coat into natural nail, cure for one min then almost mix your first coat of colour into the base coat. Hopefully you'll see some major...
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    You will always need to blend natural tips whether they have a well or not. I tend to cut-out or file out most of the well on tips anyway. The less tip and more product on the nail the better.
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    Lash Extension Courses

    Hollywood lashes all the way! Fab, fab, fab. Michael is the best!!
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    Where do you buy IBD?

    Grafton. Stupid auto correct!!
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    Where do you buy IBD?

    Grafting international are the main distributor of IBD products. Give them a call on 01827280080 and they'll be able to sort you out. X
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    How long did it take you to perfect your smile line?

    The best advice I can give you is to get some arabella forms to practice on. Then you don't have to waste all your tips or get into a tizzy when practicing on someone!! There are some tutorials on how to effectively use them on sam biddle's website so just do a google search on her name or...
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    U smile lines or V-ish lines?

    If you create a more v shape smile line the end result looks better. If you do a u shape, once the product has been moulded or pinched the smile almost disappears and you're left with an almost straight line as all you can see is the bottom of the u and the slight incline at each sidewall. If...
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    Anyone else had a coil?

    I had exactly the same prob with mine. It was awful and had it taken out after 3 very uncomfortable months :0( hubby then had snip! :0)
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    just qualified have i been shown the correct way? please help

    It really depends on who you do your training with as to your prep procedure. Some teach dry prep, others use a cuticle removing product. I push back the eponichium, remove the non living tissue from the nail plate then lightly remove the shine from the nail using a soft file.
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    Am I being realistic !

    I'm with Mrs RSM. I take % but provide absolutely everything. All they have to do is come in to work! The busier they are, the more money we both make.
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    Top quality French polish?

    I use orly and it's rather lovely!
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    I get my crystals from creativeten.co.uk as they have a great range in different sizes. I apply with building resin then use activator spray to set it. Xx
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    Men and fake nails

    If you want to travel 30-40 mins i'm in Crewe, Cheshire.
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    Tool Roll

    Perfect, thanks!! x
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    Tool Roll

    I'm looking for a tool roll (a bit like a hairdressers belt but not with a belt bit!?!). Can anyone recommend where to get one? I don't want one which just has elastic to hold the tools in, ich I want one whis enclosed at the bottom (if that makes sense?) Thanks geeks!