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    Acrylic nails on a man?

    These are my other half’s hands, he’s 6’3” and bless him volunteered his hands as I had a model drop out last minute for a final assessment [emoji23]was a bit tricky as he has wide nails, fan shaped etc but on the plus side it stretched me and I learnt a lot doing them...suffice to say he...
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    Roo Beauty Lolabelle trolley

    It’s a great trolley, I’ve seen it in the flesh my tutor helped with the design of this trolley,if I needed one this would be by choice [emoji119]
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    Training hand

    I’ve got the flexihand it’s really good, it’s the best I’ve found x
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    Can I see your home nail salons?

    Looks so lovely [emoji119]xx
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    Cats eyes gel polish

    Naio have got a cat eye gel polish in various colours in their urban graffiti range, not tried it as yet x
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    Nail art supplies

    Try Naio nails their delivery is so quick and really happy with the products I’ve bought x
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    Hook nail info?

    Hi all I’m really hoping someone can help me shed light on Hook Nails? I’ve recently enrolled on a VTCt Level 3, loving the chance to get back in to learning (it’s been a few years now) I’ve spent the best part of the evening trying to research hook nails but I’m coming up with nothing?! I’ve...
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    Mobile nail kit bag

    Meant to say it’s not just a bag it’s a trolley bag lol don’t know how else to describe it x
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    Mobile nail kit bag

    Take a look at the Roo Beauty site, my trainer has been helping design a fab bag alongside Marian Newman, the bag is now on their site I believe, it holds/stores everything should do the trick Good luck x
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    Mini facials

    I use these products as recently started offering facials, you could always use the range for other clients so wouldn’t necessarily be wasted? Best of luck xx
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    Beauty couch?

    Hi there I ordered mine from EBay, I’m sure it was only around £50 and it’s been great, mind you if you look or post a wanted ad in one of your local selling groups on Facebook I’m sure you could pick one up even cheaper, really depends on your budget x
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    Our new therapies room

    Looks great well done you & doing it yourself you will feel such a huge amount of pride when it’s all done I’m sure [emoji119]
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    Rose gold gel help!

    I will second missjulesbeauty rose gold by halo is fab & super shiny x
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    Can different Botox brands work differently

    Oh hell I didn’t think of this [emoji31]I’m gonna do a bit of research thanks for highlighting this x
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    Can different Botox brands work differently

    I’m following this thread as I totally agree with you, I’ve had so many different professionals and such varied results for years, they seem to be pretty good initially to draw you in then the treatment seems to need doing at quicker intervals [emoji31]x