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  • Hi Claire, thanks for getting in touch. I've just sent you a separate email about Salon Marketing Map and will be in touch once it's release. Kind regards, Kirsten
    At the moment Im spray tanning just started - literally did my training with Nouvatan at the start of April and I started taking paid customers today! Lol! All through word of mouth and my friends booking doing a leaflet drop this week, I want to do eyelash extensions prob with Lash perfect by the end of the summer and hopefully HD brows when funds allow, I would have loved to do Beauty/hair at college but my parents wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor so I went and did a law degree! lol what are your plans? xx
    Haha lol no you are fine :) I'm just glad I've got someone to talk to about this sort of stuff! What are you doing with yourself now then? Xx
    Hey Claire :) call me Charlie! Aw thanks yeah I really want to do this and make
    It work so I am really going to do my homework on this one lol :) xxx
    :) I cant get the air bubbles out at the moment! RRR lol we took my dog out earlier - shes a patterdale terrier called Titch lol xx
    No worries Claire! Nice to meet you! I'm doing the EN Overlay Course too... It's lovely out today... just about my dog for a huge walk to enjoy it! x
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