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  • Hi,
    I noticed on a thread that you offer training in lash lifting. I am currently in college and have been trained in lash perming but would like to offer lash lifting as an alternative.

    Do you still offer the training please? And if so, do you have dates and how much does the training cost please?
    Hello back! :) Im amazed at how many of us on here are from sunny South Wales! Freaky or something...I was only thinking the other day about looking into MyScara training, I know someone near me, on here did the training, but couldnt remember who!! xx
    Boo fancy seeing you again !!!!!
    Catcha wen u get me files in - maybe I'll swing by for a cuppa - hope you had a RELAXING day whilst Circ d whatsischops was going on - dont worry MY LIPS R SEALED !!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx
    Oh so why is our friendship "PENDING" according to this site LOL LOL ! I have requested your friendship 3 times ?????? Ok so if you don't want to be friends then stuff you lol lol xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hello you, long time no speak........you OK.

    Can we meet sometime? I also want to know more about Acrygel, you did mention it on our last meet, any more info?
    Hey you....I have requested you to be my friend on ere, and its pending lol ????? xxxxx
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