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  • Hi Claire. How are you? You're just the person I want to speak to, I want to convert to Gelish! I just love the colour range.. What colours do you recommend? How do you find the product etc?

    Shakira x
    Claire! Long time no speak. How are you? & How's the business going? Ahhh - If your not busy one day, I'd like to meet up with you so you can help me how to take off properly lol. I've nearly got all my supplies, I should have everything within the next month or so :) Shakira, xx
    Hey Claire.. Are you still going to EXCEL next month? Just wondering if I can come with - If you don't mind lol.
    Lol, thanks. Today went well. All they did was show us around the shop floor, around the warehouse & staff room etc. First shift next Tuesday, 5-9! Pop in and say Hiiiiiii :)
    good to see a fellow biker on site...have you had a look at Salon geeks very own bikers chapter...come join the gang Salon Geek - Geeky Hairy Bikers Chapter

    On the where to buy a bongo from...go to www.bongofury.co.uk
    Amazing campers for very little money ;0))
    Aww, glad you enjoyed yourself hun :) Oh - I've got a job in Matalan :) I start next Friday. I think its only xmas temp but i'm gonna try my hardest and get it as a permanent job.
    That's funny. Where in Gloucestershire are you? I live in Longford in Gloucester and have a salon at home and am really busy.
    Hi Lovely! It was nice to put a face to a name. I am sure you will do very well as you obviously have the passion. Hubby is going to check out the loft TODAY so will confirm when I have the other books. So sorry I didn't have them to hand. I meant to ask you if you are interested in a pile of old nail mags? I am sure you'll love your course with Kate - you'll be a star I am sure! I'd be more than happy to help you out if and where I can xxx
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