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  • Where abouts in Devon are you? I'm moving to Yeovil later on in the year so I could be able to come down to where you are if you run courses throughout the year.
    Hi unfortunatly i work on those days, i have used mani q in the past, could i just call one sat and then you show me on 1 nail and give me a bit of info instead ? xx
    hi hun, how was xmas, saw your thread on mani q and polish mied together, what do you put as a top layer, also could you give me a demo sometime of it as i live in Exeter and could come up to you Sam xxxxxx
    Saw your post about doing the perfect smile line on fills. You talked about doing the reverse technique. Can you explain to me how you do it? Thanks
    Hellooo huni love ya Album you know on your green flowered the one with the french tips how did you get the green etc xx
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