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  • Hiya! Im in Basford, quite close to the M1, but spend a lot of time in Leicester seeing my boyfriend so was going to go there. Where bouts are you? Have you got a web page or anything? x
    It looks so much more blue than green in your image. :( have you got a recipe for blue?
    Oi oi savaloy I am now staying at the hotel on Thurs as Debs has said that we need to be there for friday morning start. So changed my booking see you soon gorgeous. :hug: xxxx
    It's time. Get your suitcase, and come visit me. NOW. Or go get me a %^%& ticket to GB! NOW!
    Why aren't you doing what I SAY?!?!?
    ;) SMOOCH.
    I so hope you get a PHAB, I'm sure you would breeze one. If you need any student feedback just ask I will happily write a glowing report (even if you just want one for prospective students). Could have done with you at pamper party other night, I'm sure more ladies would have had it done but I had no idea of no's till day & most came at 8 & I think being a tues were hinted to leave not 2 late (most gone before 10). So team attack would have helped. Well got two licked & did another one the next day. Plus timings improving. More ground rules next time, was not easy with said friend hostessing so hence I was cautious not to waste your time.
    Hi claire, thanks for your training last week! I took your advice and now minxing toes !!! Well attempting to anyway!! xxx
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