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  • hey hun about the nail courses ive never done acrylic before so which course would i have to start on? and also ive done a day course on gel nails at my college can i convert on to cnd? x
    hey hun was thinking of doing a CND foundation course in liquid & powder, do you cover the whole of lincolnshire or do 1-2-1? x
    Hi and I love the Shellac nail pics. Can you tell me where you get your "false nail on a stick" from that you use as your sample please? I would love to build up samples to show clients as you cannot tell what the fabulous finished effect will be just looking at the bottles. Also, I want to get more creative by layering different colours and would like samples to show clients. Thanks.
    You're very welcome... I'd love to see more pics!!... it actually makes me realise I still have so much to learn when I see your pics.. you are an amazing nail tech, I'd be so happy if I was even half as good as you!!
    aw thank you :) yes i really loved my training and REALLY want to do more but I had to go back to my old job after maternity leave a few weeks ago so im loosing all my confidence as im not really getting to do much unfortunately. My mix ratio has gone to pot and I feel like I dont know what im doing anymore, after doing so well and feeling quite confident a few months ago (especially when all my friends just want Shellac now ;-)). But im hoping to leave my job in January and get back to it properly!

    I love Brisa tho, its such a fab product. And your nails look amazing so I may pick your brains in the future :)

    Hey hun,well i rang and rang,she's always busy ! :D I had decided on a conversion,now i'm not sure ...........confused lol. btw we're all great thanks for asking how r u and urs ? xx
    Hope you dont mind the friend request :) I wanted to pick your brains about Brisa colours in the future. Love your nails x
    I think It is custom colour blending one next... ooooooh s**t Just remembered I forgot to phone up and pay me deposit lol.. Must remember on monday !
    I'm really looking forward to it, BRING ON THE LEARNING I have sooo got the bug back lol
    Hello lovely !
    How are you ? I did my spatacular today I LOVED IT !!!
    Will still take me a little while with the pedicure thing lol, But the training and products etc, VERY happy bunny!

    I'm on my way up.. woooooo lol x
    Hows things going for you, Have you been dead busy ?

    Speak to you soon, Love Emms x
    Sorry i did not make it to bournemouth,i had to be at Uni to finish some work up....oh well there is always another time,i am so sorry xx
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