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  • Hi Claire,yes i should be able to make it to Bournemouth,it would be great to catch up...ill give you my mobile number xx
    Ta for the comment about my salon- I'm pretty pleased with it- just gotta work on getting some clients now!! Still keen as a bean to learn more though so once I've done a dew months or so then I'm gonna aim for the masters hopefully. And one day do nails as beautiful as ur ones on here- I love that black l&p. Thanks again x
    Hey there

    Just been looking at your photos - awesome!! How long did it take you to get so fantastic?! Do you work with L&P or Brisa mainly?
    Hey there,hope you are well sweetie xx
    Just taking a breal from a dissertation i am doing for uni,need to escape on here,lol xx
    Hey well done you on your award. Long time no geek...........hope all is good with you xxx
    Hey babe, thanks for the rep :) That post felt a bit like a personal statement for Uni!
    How have you been, what's been your happenings?
    Looking forward to seeing you in May ma luv.
    What do they want Tanning training? Give them my mobile Clare, I'll be happy to natter to 'em!
    it was louise. and everythings going fine thankyou still practicing my gel nails but there coming on prefering sculpting with the gel at the minute but ill be in touch when i need a one to one or something. looking forward to shelac now aswell speak to you soon xx
    hi clare just wanted to say thanks for the recomendation she came today for her nails xx
    Just seen you comments on FB, glad you had a good birthday. Also saw the Shellac promo on CND earlier looks very interesting! xxx
    It's deffo flying by...!!! I'm hoping to but we'll have to see how finances go.
    House not sold yet, keeping fingers crossed it does soon, can't wait to move back.
    How are you guys? xxx
    Hi there, yes things are great, time is flying so fast i'm so busy with things. I'm loving it all, looking forward to the Event and catching up with everyone too. xxx
    Have you got the piccies on cd yet from the comp? I'd love to see them. Are you going to put them on here? :) xxx
    Hi Clare, yeah all go here too, today is a quiet one but the rest of the week is looking good so cant complain, we've still got a few pressies to get yet, deccies are now all up, i've got some drunken cranberry yule log's to make, a christmas fare to do and still tons of wrapping but hey it wouldn'[t be christmas if we wernt all rushing around lol. Yeah i like it when i'm busy too, its much more fun than doing nothing! I've just done my spray tanning course which was fun so i'll be doing loads of that before long lol. Well speak to you soon and merry christmas hunni.Xxxx
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