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  • Hi Sharon, just got your message there. I will give you an email when we get another date - trying to sort one out as soon as for you.

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Heather x
    Hi Honey Just to let you know we have started a Young Nails Social group Please feel free to join us T
    Hey, holiday good i hope, where did you jet off to? its always a struggle to go back to work eh?

    Business been slow but hopefully getting there..am so impatient tho, waiting on some more flyers coming through so i can get them back out there. xx

    Just dropping by to see how things have been, hows business you any further forward about renting a room? x
    Sharon, if enough of your colleagues interested, we could maybe arrange a special conversion date just for you guys? Interested? Let me know, hope you are well (and busy?).
    F x
    Good to hear from you! Sorry about the conversion dates. Unfortunatley ILA funding is only useable now for government run training agencies. They have removed almost all private bodies from their lists. Very annoying for people! You have a wonderful holiday and I'll look forward to seeing you on the next conversion.
    Fiona x
    I think I know the girl you are talking about I was wondering what tan it is she was using...lol. Thanks again for your advice and your offer, really kind of you.

    Are you doing mobile treatments just now keep in touch would be nice to see how things go with you...xxx
    That brilliant to know thanks, i think training is being arranged for next week tried it out on my sister but it wasnt the best looking had a few problems with the arms...lol.

    Room was in cambuslang i was only there for about over a year i really never gave it a shot but i had my to pay for my flat, car the usual so i could really have been doing with some help, i got by okay i always made my money but i think it scared me a bit that i didnt know what i could be earning week from week, part of me regrets giving it up but now i know i am getting paid for my holidays or if my wee boy sick i can take the time off without worrying really suppose its like everything has its ups and downs. How busy are you with your tanning I am hoping that i make my money back on it and that i can get some sort of weekly income for it!

    Hey Claudia, god i am two minutes away I am in Fernhill....small world! I am training with tantrick really eager to get going with it just trying to arrange getting trained. I will more than likely need models so its good to know your near....also my nails are here if you need a model for cnd!!

    Would love to give up the day job to but I am so scared to as I have a two year old that costs me a fortune! Had a wee room once but I think its dead hard unless you have financial back up.

    Take care Leica xx
    Hi Claudia, how are you? I am from Rutherglen area what about you?
    Same here working in office part time...really do need a kick up the bum to push myself with this.

    I see your converting to cnd - its on my list of things to do, right now i have just booked to do my spray tanning course so hoping all goes well.

    Take care Leica xx
    thankyou! good luck with your new venture! is the hairdressers anywhere i may know? :)
    sparklybits is fab! shes helped me loads, and waslovely at the show :) and i had a great t
    day! training next weerk, then i start! cant wait! :)
    hey claudia, i'm not yet, i am booking it in 2 weeks, so will see what dates suits! :) are you on that course?:)
    Fan - tas - tic!!!! It's so good having nice people around our Centre, we just seem to attract them, lol! Look forward to seeing you July, if not before xxx
    Thank you very much for your lovely message....I know we didnt get a chance to meet, I said to Fiona "Sharon from Salon Geek wasnt here" I recieved a confussed look from Fiona. Then she told me you had came along. I was sooooooo busy so hopefully we will get a chance to meet sometime soon.x
    Hi Claudia good luck for tomorrow xxx
    I am sure you will know all the right questions a few off the top of my head would be, Advertising who pays and what type do they do?
    What exactly is included in rent?
    How long are you tied in?
    When rent will be reviewed?
    What type of turnover do they anticipate?
    Will they be expecting you to do anything for them ie cleaning, reception etc in quieter periods?

    Sorry I can't be more help xx

    hope it all goes well
    Any advice is good advice at the minute! I've just applied to go waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to the beginning and do SVQ level 2 at Cardonald College. If they call me for an interview then they'll just laugh - a decent honours degree less than a year ago and now I want to be in the same class as 16 year olds!

    Any other Glasgow Geeks that you know of? We should have sub-sections by location on here!
    hi honey thank you so much for your lovely comments and you are welcome to visit anytime know you know were i am
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