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  • Hi! Been a while since Ive been on ( bout a year) Im from Palmy you sent me a message about a year ago! SORRY
    I'm in the Hutt Valley....right now in Lower will be moving to Upper come next Autumn. Where are you?
    Hi there, sorry for delayed response! Don't visit here often :) How are you doing?
    Hi Clichy
    Just figured out how to do messages etc, so having a play. Hi from New Plymouth in Taranaki.
    Hi again, Wow it sounds like your doing FAB. (Congrats)..
    I have set up our sleepout as my studio and it looks pretty cool. Unfortunatly no foot traffic, but that's cool i do have a few regulars which suits me fine at the mo, as the kids take up most of my time when they are abit older i willl start to do nails more often but it's hard at the mo.. I will most definatly keep in contact as i always have plenty of questions to ask.lol Cheers
    Hey there, yip im still doing nails, when i can fit them in around the kiddies it all gets abit tricky sometimes.lol. Am actually of to do my perfecting day this wednesday, which i should have done ages ago but nevermind im slowly getting there.hehe.And am hoping to sit my assesment very soon as have baby number 3 on the way and realy want to have my cert before he/she arrives.. By the way im in Edgecumbe, BOP.. Cheers Tania
    Hi Robyn, thanks for the message. I trained a year ago and am trying to break into the industry, finding it really hard with few clients at times feeling very alone and constantly frustrated - so your words of encouragement appreciated. Wish you were closer, would love to have a creative nail tech with some experience a little closer to home. cheers Rebecca.
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