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  • Hi I don't know if you can help me but I am having a big problem with lashes lasting only a few weeks at best. My tech cannot explain it and I have repeatedly told her that she should try your expert strength as on this forum everyone says its the best. I wondered if you could send me a sample to take on my next appointment so that I can show her it is better as I know she would buy it once she has seen how much better it is. Thank you.
    plse can u help me?? i trained in nouveau lashes and am struggling to keep any lashes on past 2 weeks, can u plse send me a sample of your glue too? wd be v grateful - anne perry, rococo beauty, 1st floor, 7 east street derby de1 2af. many thanks!! in anticipation xx
    I would also be grateful of samples -particularly etra strength glue - thanks
    karen callard, 109 grange road bury bl8 2pf
    Hi Catherine!!

    Would it be at all possible if you could send me some of the samples of the Expert strength adhesive and also a sample of your Flirties lashes as per your thread?? I have been having a real nightmare with lashes not sticking and would be really useful to try this adhesive you speak of. My address is: Rachel Hiscox, Cottage 1, Beech House, Yate Rd, Iron Acton, Bristol BS37 9XX or 07928043111. Is that ok?!!! Thank you soooooo much xxx
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