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    Hair extensions

    Glamlox Hair extensions the best quality and price x
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    Hair extensions gone pink?

    Try Malibu C hard water sachet or lemon juice x
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    Fitting costs?

    I charge £120 to 150 x
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    Tape hair extension alopecia question

    I wouldn’t do it x
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    Clip in hair extensions?

    Foxy locks x
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    Recommendation for good nano ring extensions?

    Glamlox hair extensions the best quality x
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    Hair extensions client

    Do you have insurance?
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    Hair extensions client

    I wouldn’t worry about her.Just block her xx
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    Client wants refund

    Stunning x
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    Client wants refund

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    Client wants refund

    I would report her ASAP for harasment. Her behaviour is unacceptable. For the future I would inform clients of approximate cost in case they dont have the money. Looks like she thouth this would cost £50
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    Hair extension suppliers

    Glamlox hair extensions the best quality x
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    New hair extension supplier

    I use Glamlox hair extensions. Amazing quality and great customer service x
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    Insurance for hair extensions

    I use salon gold x