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    Hair extension products

    I recommend joico x
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    Hair extension supplier

    Angel Remy Hair Extensions
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    Hair extension supplier

    Try Glamlox Hair extensions or angel the hair quality is amazing x
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    Constantly complaining client

    I would just say sorry you are not happy and advise her to find another stylist x
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    Decent hair extension supplier that’s on the cheaper side?

    You will not find good quality hair cheap x
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    Looking for a new hair extension supplier

    I think they are waiting for the delivery x
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    2 for the price of 1!

    I always tell my clients before appointment the full cost of the service. You have done nothing wrong so charge her full price but let her know the price before appointment x
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    Hair extension suppliers

    I use Glamlox Hair Extensions and angel x
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    Hair extension supplier needed

    Try Glamlox Hair Extensions x
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    Hair extensions supplier help

    I use Glamlox Hair extensions and angel both are really good. For new clients I always take £100 non refundable deposit x
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    Tape-ins vs nano rings

    I prefer nanos x
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    Hair dryer recommendations

    Another vote for GHD Air x
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    Hair extension trade accounts

    Try Glamlox hair extensions. The quality is amazing and they offer trade discount x
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    Hair extensions suppliers

    I use Glamlox Hair extensions x
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    Training head recommendations

    I got mine from sally beauty