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    Hair extensions

    For premium quality try Glamlox Hair Extensions x
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    Hair extension supplier recommendations

    Glamlox hair extensions the best quality and price x
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    Best quality Indian hair and supplier

    Glamlox Hair Extensions I use for Russian/Mongolian
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    Routes or Angel Remy?

    Try Glamlox Hair Extensions the hair last 12 to 18 months x
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    UK extension supplier

    angel remy for budget or Glamlox hair extensions for higher range x
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    Hair extensions with a wave

    try european hair from tasha jacks x
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    Best quality Indian hair and supplier

    Angel remy and hair planet do indian hair x
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    Mobile hairdresser with an unhappy client - help please!

    Don't worry about her and move on. To make you feel better we all have been conned at some point xxxx
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    Extensions with really strong keratin?

    I use Italian keratin which is super strong. Never had any problems with it x
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    Refusing to treat somebody

    Just ignore them and don't explain anything and keep repeating the same thing. She will get bored soon xx
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    Copper tubes & pliers

    Viola on ebay
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    Please help, fusion extensions

    If you are not qualified and insured in fusion bonds I wouldn't do. She needs to go to the salon that fiited them as they will know what solution she needs to remove them x
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    Instagram or Facebook for hair extension business?

    I prefer facebook x
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    Hair extension supplier

    I love Glamlox Hair Extensions the quality is amazing
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    Copper tubes/micro rings

    I used to get it from viola but they went silver so now I order from my supplier