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    Best keratin bond remover

    Hi, Can anyone tell me which bond remover is best to take out flat tip russian remy bonds? My clients old hairdresser will not give her the name of the brand hair extensions she is wearing for me to purchase the brand specific bond remover. I used to use remi Cachet one a few years back but i...
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    Help with toner?

    If it is the light brown bit on a mushroom then try NXT 9.8 & 9.7 equal parts w/ a little bit of 7.0. I think level 6 isn't going to be visible enough you should also come up at least 2 levels even for a subtle look. Good Luck x
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    My hair highlight is to blonde ashy how can make a golden tone

    Get rid of the ash first either washing it out, malibu C treatment or a bleach wash. I would use a .33 w/ 5vol this will help deposit colour only. x
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    22-24’ hair extensions

    Hiya :) Typically blonde hair extensions don't have the lifespan that brunettes do due to the processing.The supplier should tell you which brand/supplier she uses especially if you ask. I use Transform Xtensions and they do 180g russian 24" weft for £261 without trade discount. They also do 24"...
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    Pricing bonds

    Hi, I work on my own from my home salon and I am moving in to a salon soon and I am having to change my pricing due to price of rent. I have been fitting nano tip hair extensions for a few years now and I have never changed my pricing. I am £70 for 100 bonds, plus £10 per 20 bonds after that...
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    Hair extension help lift

    I would take them out do the colour then refit them. How long has she had them in?
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    Ombre/Balayage hair extensions help!

    Someone must be able to help me out? even if you usually fit bonds or mirco loops it would be the same kind of application. just looking for a little guidance please? thanks xoxo
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    Ombre/Balayage hair extensions help!

    I am fairly new to fitting nano ring hair extensions however my training did not go into detail about ombre/balayage hair extensions. I have my first client that wants an ombre look (she has level 4 brunette hair and the ends have washed out a little from an old blinde dip dye she did herself)...
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    How to warm up ash brunette

    I recently got hair extensions which are a level 6 (warm) & my hairdresser changed my hair from level 10 blonde to level 6 ash without pre-pigging it I explained I would be staying brunette for a while & wanted it pre-pigged so it would last & I didn't want it to be ash I prefer some warmth but...
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    How to get new clients?

    why don't you ask your current clientele to refer a friend and give them a discount? If they are coming back this may help get a little more people through the door. Give out cards to your neighbours, when you are in the starbucks queue speak to people and hand them a card too. Also put a client...
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    Coming to the end of my Level 3

    First of all....DON'T GIVE UP!!! I was trained in college and I also worked as an assistant (or junior) for years before I finished college and qualified. What I will say though is I was in a HNC class with students I had trained from with level 2 up and most of them would never get a job in a...
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    Scandinavian blonde-white or beige?

    I fully understand that it is not a professional term however professional or not we all do describe colors to one & other in the salon in this way. As we all look at colors in a different way. I did not ask for a professional term I asked if anyone has been asked for this by a client if so what...
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    Scandinavian blonde-white or beige?

    I know things are interpreted differently that's why i asked if stylists agree or see it differently. I'm not sure you are the right person to comment on my post as you are bringing up things like race which shouldn't come in to it as I am referring to stereotypes as that is obviously what the...
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    Scandinavian blonde-white or beige?

    She's currently a base 9 & is looking for a scandinavian blonde which i would say is a base 9 or 10 & more beige than white blonde. I am not looking for anyone to tell me what to do as I am fully trained just wanted someone to agree or see if anyone has been asked for this before. Thanks.
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    Wanting good toners for brassy hair

    Try using Color touch...I find they tone better than Koleston.