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  • Hi Collin, i feel awfull about the DVD's going missing as its out of your pocket they came from!.. You was only going to do one in the beginning but with us all bugging you you did more for us out of the kindest of your heart to help us with waxing etc..Iv tracked one back to January 09 and know it was sent off by her to another but then nothing since then, so i hope someone will have a clue from where that one went from then hopefully. Again im sorry this happened as its not fair to you and is disgusting that someone would do this... iv kept it clean htis message as i would be a bit blue other wise lol thanks collin xx
    Thanks Collin, Its so nice to know that im doing something right and have the support from everyone. Im really passionate about This industry and want to make things work for myself and help others. If that means stamping out the rogues (i'd like to call them something else but i'll bite my tongue) Then so be it! Have a fab bank holiday weekend! xxx
    God me neither! I wonder sometimes, honesty, lol! Of course I agree, my boys are gorgeous.....just like their mum, lol!
    I'm dandy thanks. got a few irons in the fire so to speak.
    think thai foot massage and think sticks!
    Thanks for the samples Collin:hug:

    I've had a chat with Nikki & booked my training with her for the 21st May. Really looking forward to it, thanks very much for all your help.
    Blimey we'll get there in the end.I know you would know who they are but i was pointing out the bit why they were pulled from the tv and are never shown anymore like the robinson gollies or that book where the tiger ate the little boy they are un pc and not to be mentioned ....get it now:lol::lol:
    The Black and White Minstrel Show - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Showing my age i didnt realise it finished in 1978 :eek:
    we've got loads of bikes - Honda Hornet, Moto Guzzi Le Mans MkII, Armstrong 500, Armstrong 350, Ural, Yamaha Super Tenere. I can't join the hairy bikers group - I'm not hairy!
    Tis true Collin sometimes its like Only fools and horses on here.I expect someone to say ''now i don't know you do i ''...''no Del''
    Funny how they all come from the same area.
    :)Welllllllll....:) I did find something sensybubble to say and got so carried away with being sensybubble that I forgot to use them - DANG!!:cry:..... So here goes :):irked::hug::lol::confused::green::Grope::smack::hug:now I'm tired:zzz: Te He ... you just can't stop once you start can you:hug:
    :-D I'll give an update as soon as I am settled with my laptop...:-D
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