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    Prestige Hair opinions?

    Probably the best hair there is out there!
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    Has anyone else noticed Angel Remy quality has gone down?

    I can definitely see what you mean with the hair, although I have to admit the new hair looks a better colour! The tone looks off in the older hair. The extension market is unfortunately going the way of thinner hair, more & more people are wanting to wear hair extensions, but the supply of...
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    Please help with extensions info

    Prestige for sure [emoji1362] their hair is quite easily the best on the market right now and customer service is 2nd to none!
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    Ash blonde extensions

    I too love prestige colours x
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    Extension suppliers

    Prestige, the quality is the best around right now. Amazing for the price x
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    UK hair extension companies

    I love prestige! They have 16-20” in every single method, 14” in everything but wefts, and they’ll soon have 22” in everything too!
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    Advice on hair extensions suppliers

    Prestige have recently upgraded all their hair. It’s now probably some of the best hair you can possibly get in the UK! Their new hair will easily last 9-12 months. The person above who only got 4 months probably had their old hair, and should’ve let Prestige know as they’re extremely good at...
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    Struggling to colour match Euphoria

    That’s because prestige #1822 is a warm block colour not a piano highlight. Hence why it’s #1822 and not #P18/22 Prestige equivalent to other suppliers 18/22 is #p9a/24
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    Foxy Locks hair extensions won't lift

    The fact the extensions didn’t lift is due to the processing at the factory, it’s hit or miss! And you’ll never get a refund for that - you shouldn’t colour extensions and when you do it’s always at your own risk. I never tell clients that they can be coloured as them they’ve got false hope if...
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    Starting own hair extension brand?

    Hey, have you got 100k? You’ll need at least that to start with a half decent colour range with a few lengths and products.. there’s so many amazing suppliers out there already, it’s a very saturated market so you’d need an even bigger investment then 100k tbh to create any brand that could make...
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    Sway hair extensions quality issues

    Sway has been hit & miss for me.. some is lovely and it’s surprised me how long the hairs lasted. Others have been not great and complaints have complained that they don’t like the hair and they preferred what they had before.. one thing that is consistent though is that the wefts shed so badly!
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    Best hair extensions brand?

    Absolutely Prestige! 80+ colours, they’ve got 4 different lengths in tiny tips too. Euphoria One are so hit & miss. Every time I’ve used them I’ve suffered with really bad shedding x
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    Prestige, Transform or Fabulong?

    Prestige!!!! 10% discount x
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    Good tape extensions supplier in UK that doesn't require training with them?

    Prestige are amazing! They do 14, 16, 18 & 20” tapes, got over 80 colours. They have a colour ring with all the colours available but you have to buy it.. Remi Cachet are also really good, less colours, more expensive but the hair lasts longer. Same thing with the colour ring! Any other...
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    Hair extensions pricing

    Studio 58 are ok, in fact their Russian Hair is really nice but their colour range is awful.. they only have 3 mix shades. You need to get yourself using a supplier with a lot of base and mixed shades to allow you to colour match your clients better.. I use prestige (80+ colours) and remi...