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  • Hi there connor1, iv noticed you are a icon ultra lift salon, we have just bought a machine 2nd had fantastic bargin but are struggeling to get in contact with the company we phone their number but just get answer phone any tips please therapist in need!! xx
    Hi thanks for the friend request, I am pretty new to Salon Geek just read posts at the moment have not posted anything yet. I have been searching microcurrent treatments so your name must have come up. Hope your well x
    Hi, just had to have another nosey at you too, as a little brain dead tonite. Yes I am fine, how are things in Liverpool? x
    Hi, i would like to know the same as you about organic skincare, have a look at www.ilcsi.co.uk, they will send sample, some is lovely, other bits not so, Andrea is very helpful, and pleasent. Also, Moorspa, are sending me some samples too, www.moorspa.co.uk xx
    Beauty Therapist needed in Warrington area. The posistion is employed and available immediately, pm me for details
    Hey there thanks for calling to my profile and saying hello. As you can see im fairly new to Salon Geek and yes it is so addictive but its a great way to get ideas and opinions from people that are in the industry for a long time !!!
    hey, i love this site:) hope ur good too, noticed ur screen name cos its my sons name lol x
    Hi there....yes, I spend a lot of time here...part of my job, but it is a great and very useful place - you'll love it
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