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    £10 for gel nails?

    There's a salon - well established and been there for YEARS - around the corner from me advertising 'Shellac' for £5 [emoji15] clearly not genuine, but they were doing an offer for teens during Easter which was 'Shellac' fingers and toes and hair wash, dry and style all for £15. Factor in that...
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    Is my hairdresser making a mistake?

    I'm not a hair pro either, but a beauty pro. Just wanted to say that I'm in the EXACT same situation!! I work in a hair and beauty salon and the hair dresser always puts the same copper colour on, but recently my roots have been coming out orange - I get told off for saying orange but it's not...
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    Don't know what to do!

    If you're self employed you would be taking your own money, not being paid an hourly wage. You would then give her her rent or a commission cut. Sounds like she wants someone there as an employee but without the responsibility of paying national insurance and tax for you. To be honest, it sounds...
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    Weird/unusual clients?

    OH and while its fresh in my mind...last week a lady had shall we say a "toilet accident" all over the salon and we obviously offered to get someone to pick her up and she was like "no it's not a problem" and just decided she needed her hair done regardless. She was covered!! The salon has since...
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    Weird/unusual clients?

    Oooohhhh I've got a few! Most of them are hair clients at the salon (I'm the beautician) so I control which clients I take thank god! One comes in for her hair to be yellow, and even when it's really yellow she's not convinced. She always tells one of us we've put on weight/lost weight and are...
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    Noisy salon

    Oh wow yes I can hear EVERYTHING! Dryers, people shouting because of the dryers. We have a little 'box' about waist height (it's to allow head height for access to the basement) attached to my wall and it's made of plaster board. If someone is stood there and taps or even moves while leaning on...
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    ILAH brows, has anyone done the course?

    I did this training through an employer last year. To be honest, threading was the only new thing I learnt. As has been said above, sorry to put it down now you've booked it but the lady who taught us was more concerned with telling us about the crisis in Gaza. She showed us pictures of the...
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    What is your most popular treatment?

    Shellac definitely. I have dropped tanning as there just wasn't any call for it. I had all the equipment and the odd client (as in one client every 6 months or so) but then we had a fire which burnt all of my tanning stuff and the insurance wouldn't pay out so we ended up not getting any new...
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    People asking for discounts-rant

    I've been asked by a regular for a free facial before because she had booked in for so many treatments, all of them having been on special offer anyway! I also had a phone call last week from a new lady asking if I could do her a detox treatment with a free full body massage...uh no...
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    Retrieving old clients?

    I've had emails before saying things like "we've missed you! Book your next appointment/buy 'X' and get **% off." Not too pushy or anything, but lets you know you haven't been in a while and they want you back! I think I also got a "was it something we said?" one once, but I guess it totally...
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    Unsure about staying self employed

    I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to offer much advice but I just wanted to say this is almost exactly how my business is at the moment! I'm beauty, and rent a room, and we've been so so quiet and I just can't survive on what I'm making at the moment! My boyfriend keeps saying to push for new...
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    Christmas event ideas

    It's not an event as such but this year we are doing the '12 treats of Christmas'. We have put on an offer for each of the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas. I've used it as an opportunity to test new treatments out, for example a leg and foot treatment which I don't normally offer but was so...
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    Money saving motivation thread!

    Me and my boyfriend are so lucky, my dad bought a house near to my work, so we've moved in there and aren't paying any rent, just bills and as my dad rents out the other two bedrooms that's all split too. So so lucky, but as people have already said, the money we have left over after bills etc...
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    Reaction after waxing

    Interesting, I use salon system pre and post wax too. I provided my lady with an ingredient list in case she needed tests or anything, but haven't heard anything about this since. Will have to ask about that I think!
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    Reaction after waxing

    Weirdly enough this happened to me a couple of weeks ago for the first time ever. My client came in on my day off so I never actually saw the reaction unfortunately, but it was described as pus filled lumps around her eyes. During her consultation and on her card she said she'd never had a...