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  • Hi, just a quick FYI, I edited the name of your sparkly toes pic because when photos with numbers in the title are added to Groups (ie Shellac Lovers) they don't open properly :wink2:
    I like to use a flat brush... it's just a gel brush I got from nails plus beauty.. it's an Azentz one
    Thanks again for commenting on my pics... God I used to dread doing french, but just kept at it and now I love doing them... I just make sure to pull back the lateral folds and expose as much nail as possible... I like to have the clients wrist on a rest and I hold my brush at a 45 degree angle (like a pencil) and go from left to right in just one sweep... I'd do a video if I knew how to do it LOL!! ;)
    Hello there I noticed your swarovski pedicure pics they are fab!! I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different options, since you've mastered I'm hoping you can help me please?

    Where do you purchase the SS05 size? I think that's the smallest? If at all possible can you advise on the type of glue you use. I saw toes that had black polish with clear crystals they were gorg!! Just wondering if I should be doing anything to prep the nail to make them last longer. Hopefully if u point mr in the right direction I can get practising.
    Hope you don't mind me asking for your expert advice. I just totally loved your pic!!

    Thank you Xx
    i will do. i already have both on my toes!
    i PEP'd, then dashing diva thins, then the shellac base then the gloss and thats it. Very pleased and similar to gel in look but MUCH less hassle and I reckon I could do a set of toes in about 30mins thus cutting down my service time and fitting more clients!
    I just really liked the looked of your french as I use Lechat gels and they only have one shade of nail plate pink and wanted a different french look. I guess i could swipe over the dashing diva to ensure it stays white then cover with the gloss and as shellac is thin and so is dasging diva, i may get away with no dip.
    You would get away with just one layer of Negligee, especially if it's over the dashing diva... the only reason I did two was I didn't want to have a dip in the nails because of the white IUKWIM... you'll have to let me know how you go with it and using it with dashing diva.. I'll be dying to know
    I'm honeslty not sure about mixing Dashing Diva with Shellac (I've never even seen it) I can't see the harm in trying it though.... I only use a very thin layer of Negligee, as like you said, I don't want to dull down the white. They say that Shellac doesn't yellow or discolour... I've had one client whos nails had discoloued, but she was using a sunbed
    Hi again... Negligee and cream puff look similar, but when you open them up and look inside, they are totally different. Negligee is a very light sheer pink (I love it) and cream puff is a white colour.
    To achieve the look in my Shellac pic.. I prepped the nails and applied a thin layer of Shellac base and cured for 2 mins... then I applied a very thin layer of Negliee cured again for 2 mins and then I applied the cream puff and with a gel brush I cleaned up the smile line to make it crisper... then another thin layer of Negligee cure again and the top coat to finish... I had only just got my Shellac and hadn't a clue how to use it really, so I just applied it the same as I would a normal french and it turned out lovely (well I thought so anyway).. hope this helps
    couldnt fit it all on one message.
    for french, apply balerina pink as i described for the 1st coat. cure 2 mins and wipe off the sticky layer.
    apply white with a brush or dotting tool and tidy smile if neccessary. do 1 or 2 at a time and cure for 30 secs whilst working on the other hand. this prevents the gel from shifting whist you are working. cure whole hand for 2 mins.
    apply clear gel in 1 or 2 coats curing between and building apex with extra gel as neccessary.
    remember to cap ends .
    look on my blogspot for further tips and designs.
    Susan Loasby, Angel Fingers

    theres quite a few bits on there with nobility. when you get to the bottom of the page there is a bit on the right that says see older posts. clicking this takes you on to the previous pages
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