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    Microblading gone wrong-help!

    I doubt they would prob have the time for that, besides if you won, you get the last laugh! It depends how much you want your money back, principal and time. It is a difficult one to prove as I said in my earlier post as you would have to prove negligence, or false advertising etc etc. It...
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    Microblading gone wrong-help!

    I'm qualified in microblading and what you have had done is NOT microblading. She used a machine and as said before it's a totally diff method and result. Sadly, the person doing this was inexperienced and as such you have ended up with very poorly defined brows. The shape is incorrect and...
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    Comment by 'cookbj' in media 'New Shellac Spring Colors & Additives with Irresistable glitters aka the whole SHABANG!! :)'

    Dont suppose you wouldnt mind taking a few mins to tell us what colour glitter you used over each of the new Shellacs please? I just love them all and i simply MUST know what they are! xx
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    Comment by 'cookbj' in media 'Glitter fade with marbling.'

    Yes they are lovely - how did you do these? I want to try them! xx
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    Marvelscara, has anyone tried it?

    yes, i agree. Its mascara, just mascara and IS actually mascara, but you dont fuss and fart about with it each day. Dont over sell and client will not over expect. I love mine and keep removing and replacing when necessary. I wear makeup but not during the day as hate all the fuss, but this...
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    Marvelscara, has anyone tried it?

    Hi Charlie_c_06 Here goes: I live in Norwich (Norfolk) and although Marvel recommend £30-60 depending on location, Im selling at £25 per treatment and that includes removing for free if a client comes back for a top up. I think £30 is too much and too much for my area. I wouldnt pay £30, but i...
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    Salon System | Marvelscara

    Hi Louisestherapy, Marvelscara: fumes, really? Says low fumes on the bottle and myself and clients do not experience fumes. The glue does include fibres in it (says on the bottle) which can be applied just like that, or one can add extra fibres and stir in if required to create the desired...
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    Marvelscara, has anyone tried it?

    Hi, I have just trained in Marvelscara and i have to say i absolutely hand on heart LOVE it!. I have been reading every thread on here possible and I understand why people dont like it - technicians and clients, but I believe (and please dont all shoot me for having my opinion) but i wonder if...
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    Quick underarm laser question please

    thanks all for your replys. x
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    Sienna X Maximist - too much solution

    i was having the EXACT same problem as i to use SX and love love love it! I was wondering why when i saw other people who had literally just been sprayed somewhere else, didnt look like they had and some people i know have even said they go out of an evening with it on! Mine looked dirty if you...
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    Quick underarm laser question please

    Hi, Can anyone out there who does laser hair removal on underarms please tell me how realistically how many sessions i will need to get rid of the hair under my arms please? There is a local reputable salon doing an offer on 6 underarms (other areas too but i want arms) and i would like to...
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    Allergic to my own eyelash glue - help:(

    Hi, After training do to EE, I decided to go for flirties glue - and its absolutely fab! So much s that clients are getting weeks and weeks from them.... However, after getting a college to apply some on me with my glue, it seems im allergic to the glue as my eyes itch like hell and they go...
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    Comment by 'cookbj' in media 'asphalt with moonlight and roses painted on tips, with nail art love the shade'

    they look great! good job! May i ask what colour striper you used for the flicks next to the black flicks please?
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    Flirties Glue - How not to waste so much?

    aahhhhhh - yes, i have in fact been a total moron! i assume its the black bit at the top that gets removed and NOT the whole lid? Thats why im wasting soooo much! I know what you mean Miss Pink, but i have since discovered that im dolloping out the whole blinking top! Thanks so much for...