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  • Dont think you've named your 230 photo, because I can't click & view it & immediately get directed to a thread by geeg... Am interested in seeing how that colour should look ! xx
    thankyou so much,ive been looking for a pink like that for ages and have bought a few different ones only to be disapointed withem either being see through or more of a purply pink.ive ordered some so i cant wait to try it out,thanks again.x
    Hi Cookieface, I love your nail pics - they look very professional especially the ones in 'liquorice'. Would you be able to tell me how to put your company name over the top of the photo please. Many Thanks
    I permanently lurk on this site (even before I was a member), trying to summon up the courage to post something; Yet I can't. I saw one of your posts and decided to have a nosy through your album -I just have to say, your nails are truly a work of art - inspiring!
    my shellac prices start at £20 and my extension prices start at £35 for plain pr pink and white, anything else is extra. i think your definitely undercutting yourself, even if you charged an extra £5!! you have to think that you are using brisa lite, shellac and glitters and all the consumables and then you want to earn something on top!what are local salons to you charging just for a set of plain extensions?? i keep trying to put my shellac prices up as i started too cheap x
    are you not charging extra for shellac with brisa lite? your work is good hun, you nshould be charging!
    how much are you charging for your brisa lite sculpts with shellac over?
    dont knock it hun, its good to be busy..only thing is it makes the quiet weeks look really quiet!!x
    hiya, just wanted to say your pics of your work are looking good and very neat, loving all the glitter too.

    just did a set of tips on myself today with brisa lite sculpting (finally found the time!)x
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