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  • yes been bizzy, plus my little girls been poorly bless her,she always seem to be poorly when they have a week off school bless her.How work going for you now? bizzy i bet.x
    Hi hun
    Iv not been around for a bit as you may have seen iv not been loged in for a few months been bizzy. Hows things going for you ?
    Thanks for the rep. Where abouts in the North East are you? I'm originally from Hartlepool, but down in Cardiff now xx
    Hi hun
    Hows you hun? iv had a bit of a bad time at mo as my nan died last week so im a bit sad.xx
    Just been on your website - really professional! I'm just about to start as a mobile tech - excited and nervous at the same time!
    I failed!! I am so upset but have booked another one. It was the 3 point turn and I am always good at it so its strange :-(
    She says the gas n air was magic ! He is absolutely beautiful, 53cm long with a good head of dark hair and bright blue eyes. Most of the outfits they got him are way too small though
    Hiya, i'm all excited as my sister-in-law had a baby boy last night he weighed in at a whopping 8lb 10oz ! She's really petite, so amazed she had him naturally although she's been sitting on an ice pack ever since lol ! They have named him Callum :) x
    hiya hun - not been on geek for a few days - been so busy at work - just coming home and basically going to bed - im goosed - the nail treatments that im getiing in is unreal - and its all from word of mouth - i dont even get a dinner break most days as im back to back - peeps coming in wanting nails = so i do them - then they tell there mates and i get them - plus more new clients from leaflets drops - then i get told - im awsome - errrrr excuse me - where did that come from
    Hiya Mandy - I haven't found one yet but I'm edging towards a Creative course in Newcastle - either that or biosculpture up to now but I'm still researching them x
    great stuff, we have a caravan the kid love going away for the weekend,bless them.We try to go away every other weekend if we can.xx
    R you poor thing , hope it gets better soon for you hun.We went to ladram bay in devon , we had a nice weekend with the kids they loved it .We are away in aug 4th, going to newquey for a week, love it there , thats where we got married a year ago so theres good memories for us.xx
    Hi hun
    Hows it going ? Knot been on for a bit as we went away for the weekend , had a great one ,hope you did hun.xx
    Meant to ask you, what's the crack with your award nomination ? If you fancy a chortle check out the thread about a spray tan tech charging according to dress size ! I kid you not !
    Just noticed all the messages below are also from me ! Oh no, i'm like a mad stalker lol Do you have a rabbit ? he he
    Have you seen the posts in response to the thread "what's it like living in the UK" A girl from north dakota USA says considering moving here, i'm thinkin she's regretting her post now :) Lol, nite nite xx
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