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  • Do you have any poppets already? This is our third. Coudn't be more wanted, I can't wait. We know what we are having but we are keeping it a big secret. 8 long weeks to go! hope you havent been trying too long, let me know when it happens!
    playing game hun...grrrrr... maybe just send pm on Face book... how are u?... any baby nrws yet?.... i just got home from the gold coast.. had 8 days up there.. great time...kiwigirl63 did my nails.. they are hot.. check out the aussie site nailtips in the gaklery to se them,.. typing is a little hard.. 2inch long still's
    Ok round 2...
    Mel H and Georgy from SA were there and some other girl called angie and me.. that was it!!!! can u beleive that.... do they realise what they missed out on!! stupid.
    anyway after our day the 3 of us ( not angie) went to carls house... ZEBRA land eat your heart out.. thay guys has more zebra's than africa!.. anyway.. his dog is sooooo cute..
    we had some great cheese and bis's and a chat and then went out for dinner.... we got home at 3am!!! then i had to get up and move the car from a loading zone at 6am and park the car in a parkign station.. i thought i would get away with this becuase it was 6am so i went in my pj's..... sydney is ALIVE at 6am... and i got lost walking back to the hostle... so EVERY one was looking at me wandering around sydney CBD in my pjs.. not a good look... LOl...
    we ended back at carls salon today for a look and he did a few of my nails that were MURDERED yesterday..
    I wish you could have been there
    OH MY GOD i just wrote the longest bloody post and the """&^%$ thing froze....

    Ok here goes.. short version!@
    Glad you are well and had a nice break... yesterday was MAGIC.. we had a ball.. Carl adn Gigi were great and sooooo helpful.. we just didn;t have enough time.. i could have sat there for a week..
    I have some minx to try out and I cant wait.. I have 10 different nails at the momnet... all in the name of education!!!...
    I will put them on sunday when i am done at work for the week!
    ok posting this one then will tell you a funny story!
    merry xmas and happy new year to you and your hubby.,xx

    your message came thru 3 times.. lol.. you must be sending alot of wishes this

    I don;t think i will be on here much either over the next few weeks. my dad is due on saturday from north qld.. airlee beach..
    He is gong to freeze when he gets here..
    Well off to bed now and i will talk to you real soon.
    No i am not on face book.. i tried to join up but my confirmation email did not work and i can;t re join for some reason.. it was the same for pay pal... oh well must have bugs in my pc or something.

    have a good one
    Mel xxoooxx
    Hi there darl,

    I have been so busy too... The kids have had all their xmas parties for school and their sports.. every bloody day there is something on.
    Weather here has been on and i have been in the pool the last few days.. the water is 30'.. spoilt arnt
    You must be hanging out for work to end.. i am working till 24th then i am taking a few weeks off.. i think i am going in for one day bewtween then till the 10th jan. i can;t wait.. money will be tight but who cares.. i need a rest.. my times always suffer when i have a break..

    anyway talk soon
    hope you are well
    thanks for your comment on my lighters... You can do 3d art work with normal acrylic but it works much much better with special powders. I have the ezflow pastal collection.. it is made with the fast setting comp powders and it sets up quick... i mix it with the other darker colours sometimes and that makes it set slower.
    Have you heard of NFU-OH.. that is made for 3d art work... you should take a look at Viv simmonds web site,.. i think it is... very nice.. they are amazing..

    some of the aussie techs are using it to do great work..
    have a look
    hope you have a great weekend..
    spa is will worth the money.. it is relaxing...and very nice wifey hubby time... trouble with us is.. I love it red hot and burning... he likes it luke warm... so we don;t get in there together much..
    Ok hun talk to you later
    Hi Hunny,
    Feeling soooooo much better today.. the tooth is finally getting there... I am still taking some pain med's but no where near the amount i was on..

    Yes I did the lighters.. I am not really keen on posting them on the site as I copied Grafxgal.. she knows I asked her first but I don;t know if she would want me too... I will add them to my album and you can take a look..
    I have sent the pics to sherly ( grafxgal) so she can help me improve them..

    What have you been up to? work been busy?..
    Done any great nails...

    X Mel
    Same here... I got my sister a dig camera and a cute little handbag camera bag...same for my pop.
    My mum and I went half as they were $$$ ...
    Tooth is feeling not to bad.. still need to take nurofen plus few times a day but better than hanging on the edge every 2 hours like i was...

    I bought my hubby concrete!!! LOL.. that is what he is getting for the next 2 years.... hahah
    ok talk soon
    Off to get dinner for the Fam.
    I am attempting to do some 3d nail art on a lighter i bought for the old girl ( my mum) and my sister... for xmas pressie..
    if they look of I will post a pic in my album or on critq.,
    catch ya Hun
    Good morning,
    Tooth is on the mend.. or lack of tooth lol... just the cuts in my pallete are still very sore.. did manage a lobster for tea at my xmas party last night..
    Never mind Hun we all might be able to catch up at the sydney expo again next year.

    No one has asked for nail art.. they all say next fill when it is closer as they will get sick of it.. I do have this one new client and she says that she wants nail art every time.. so i will have to start doign some nail tips again... problem is I only use the well less french tips and the patterns look **** on them.
    anyway hun off to work.. been a good week this week for $$$ thank god as the concrete for the pool went over by $1000.....hell..

    talk soon hunny
    X mel
    Hi there,, thought you must have been flat out.. Geeg is coming on the 7th on Jan to Sydney. All the details are on the aussie site. georgy has posted them ... plus there are a heap of us staying in a hostle overnight.. would love you to come..

    Ordering my Avolve today.. can't wait to try it out. Carl is helping me out.. and Carl is also going to the geeg visit too.. shoudl be a great day/ night/day.. LOL

    I am off to work.. wonder if my clients will start asking me for xmas stuff..

    talk soon
    Glad you are feeling better. I ended up very sick with this tooth. It comes out tomorrow at 1pm. An Oral surgeon is taking it out in chair! Great.. can't wait. Needle phobic and all.....
    prob wont feel like much geeking for next few days so I will catch up with you next week. Work is busy Thur/fri and sat.
    X Mel
    Hi babe,
    Oh no Gastro is just the worst... you poor thing. drink lots of water and you will be ok.

    I ended up at an emergency dental apt this the surgeon that took out my wisdom teeth.. It got so much worse.. my face swelled up and was glowing red.. my jaw was killing me. I was rolling around on my bed like an idiot. He gave me strong anti B. I was on 2 diff ones.. total of 7 tablets a day plus pain killers every 2 hours.... OH my god.. I was so sick from them... anyway xray said that when they did the root canal the dentist had push the paper points so far up into the root tip that it had gone thru it and it is now poking into the tissues up there...
    so next tuesday I am having the tooth removed.. it is just a shell now as this is the 4th time they have drilled it out and tried to pack it... time for it to come out. It will be done by the oral surgeon and then in about 6 months time i will have an implant done..
    hope you feel better hun
    Mel xxooxx

    Got your message... yay..
    We have had the pool for 2 years ( so this is the 3rd summer) we have lived with those rubber camping mats on 2 sides of it .. finally there will be concrete and we can use all 4

    Did my Mother inlaws nails today.. Did a purple and blue glitter fade with 3d purple roses with dimonds in the centres.. looked great.. as usual I didn't have the camera!!!! lol

    My tooth was hell last night.. omg... i took some tramal to ease the pain... and they made me hypo.. I was so "awake" i ended up falling asleep about 5am this morning... just in time to wake up at 7am for work.. funny enough i am not that tired.... I am heading for a deep spa bath now..
    I didnt know that you were a dental nurse... i am phobic of needles so that is not someting that you would find me doing.. plus i would dry reach at peoples foul
    Hope you are wel and have a great weekend..
    take care
    talk soon
    Hey babe...

    No messages my dear....
    I have been sick again!!!! yes again.. can you believe the luck.. all the kids have been on anti B and the two little ones are still on it..
    Turns out that i have an abcess under one of my top molars.. I had 3 root canal treatments this time last year and it seems that the filing has cracked open and the infection has travelded back up into my bone and sinus.. hence why i can't get rid of this flu.. so i am booked to have it drained and crown'd $1800! nice before xmas... NIB should cover about $1200 i hope!!!!

    How are you my luv?... any exciting nails lately?... I have had a few new client and formals starting to come out my ears... good money.. thank god before xmas... and my pool concrete goes down this week i hope so i need all the $$$$ i can find..

    Talk soon..
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