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    Mixing OPI with Gelish

    For those of you using OPI colours, can I use my Gelish base and top coat with OPI?
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    Mixing OPI with Gelish

    Not sure about the OPI but I’d be curious to find out as well. Always wondered if they were as good as Gelish for lasting on clients. I know for years now I’ve been using the IBD just gel polish and the red carpet manicure mixed with my Gelish base coat and topcoat and never had a problem. I...
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    Nail designs on Gelish soak off

    Just curious as to what kind of paint or polish everyone uses to do designs on soak off gel manicures. I’ve been using for the past years just the Gelish or IBD polishes themselves and a really tiny liner brush but does anybody use maybe acrylic paint or anything like that? Could you send me a...
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    Gelish in a luxury pedicure?

    I do the same as you and never had issues. Your right, finishing with the massage is best for the client.
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    OPI gel-soak off?

    Just wondering if any of you nail technicians have ever tried using the OPI soak off gel colours with the Gelish basecoat ( foundation)and top coat ( Top it off ). I always use Gelish , IBD, or red carpet manicure as colours and always use my Gelish basecoat topcoat and it always works well...
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    Gel polish brands, which brand is best?

    I use mostly Gelish. But also use Red Carpet Manicure and IBD and have at least 14 days with each brand and lots of my clients go 3 and even 4 weeks. I use only the base and top coat of Gelish with all 3. Never had ANY issues.
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    Gel polish peeling, help!

    I had no luck at all with IBD basecoat or top coat. I love Gelish base and top coat only and I use it with Gelish, IBD, Red Carpet Manicure and Pink Gellac Polish colours with no issues. My clients nails last sometimes up to 4 weeks.
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    Pedicure station

    Thanks so much for the pics. I love your chair. Nice and simple
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    Pedicure station

    Ya! That’s true . You are actually not bending down. Ok thanks I will google that.
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    Pedicure station

    You don’t find it hard on your back with the client not sitting higher?? It’s looks beautiful. Where did you get the foot bath from. I need to order everything online where I live, the nearest store is two hours away for salon supplies
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    Pedicure station

    Can you guys post pics of your pedicure station set up. What height is everyone liking to work at to prevent back and shoulder issues. What kinda chair do you use for the clients and for yourself??? Would love feedback
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    IBD gel polish and Nail Harmony Gelish

    thanks for the info :)
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    IBD gel polish and Nail Harmony Gelish

    Anyone ever try using the base and top coat of Gelish and the colors of IBD??? I do it with Gelish and Red Carpet Manicure and they last from two to three weeks on my clients. I would love to know before I buy IBD colors, they have colors I like that Gelish don't have
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    What Gelish colours?

    I like using Snow bunny for my french manicure. My clients find they look more natural. Not as bright white. Here are my most asked colors Your so sweet your giving me a toothache Midnight caller A petal for your thoughts Taupe model