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  • hi, there, i would love to employ someone but i am literally just building my clients up and dont have enough regular clients to earn enough to pay a wage out at the moment, so i will definatley be going down the % route :/ . she will be using all my products and equipment,, and will just arrive to work, and preform the treatments, she has paid for her own insurance etc,, and any further traning she/we do , she will pay for her self x
    Hi No probs well basically I would advise against the offering her a %/ self employment option been there too many times and know it all ends in tears lol if you know what I mean I would find someone good at what they do and offer them minimum wage and they can take their tips and have a small percentage on any products they sell.

    But if you are determined to go down % route - will she be using her own products and equipment?
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