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  • Hi there

    I hope you don't mind me contacting's just that I read that you're a rep for Xen Tan.
    I may be ordering a half gallon bottle tomorrow and I have a question about the booster drops. Is it possible to use the drops as and when...I.e. put a few drops in your spray gun container, instead of doing it in bulk? As I remember the lady at xen telling me you put 15ml or so per litre. The trouble with this is that I will only have a couple of clients wanting a darker shade.
    Also, do you know what percentage the Xen tan is equivalent to?

    Thank you so much

    Sinead x
    I'm really trying to get rid of my chair would you be interested or know anyone? setting up a training room so hopefully will be moving there soon as dont have half as many clients these days.
    Hope the kids n Stephen are well
    I moved 2 a smaller place so I can teach more as my rent was reduced too late and was just too much hard work on my own - why can U just not find decent staff?
    Anyway teaching away and loving it but have most of the stuff in storage and would love to sell it on. What bout you - what you upto? would you be interested in any of the equipment? have a spapedi chair also as only need one now :)
    hi mrs, only getting this now! my lptop is fecked , so i borrowed my friends. howsthings? see you havntbrought the sunshine lol
    the 2 alisons have been out with me and so has karen, they are all lovely girls an spoke v highly of u!
    def will meet up!!
    Hi Sarah, hope you are well and not working too hard hee, hee! My hubby and I are off to Dubai on the 21st for a few days and then I will be home on the 27th. Returning to Saudi with my hubby on the 30th December to make it our base for a couple of years. Will def get to see you when I get home so hope you can book some time off for a coffee and chat. Take care x
    Hi Sarah, I hope you are well. I am great over here, enjoying the sunshine. Have eventually gotten climatised and stepping outside now to get warmed up. Air conditioning can get a bit cool!!!lol! You getting on ok?
    Hi I am glad a few have went to you. I believe valerie has also and they are very happy I am pleased to report back. Yes I am having a ball here, a lovely place and the villa is huge and nice which is good. Just got internet today so catching up with e-mails etc. 50 degrees here today so hot, hot, hot. Not good for a 50 year old hubby who thinks he is 18 again - the hardest thing I have had to do this week is fight him off lol! Are you on facebook? I have some photos there. Good to be able to keep in touch. xxx
    Hi. I,m just wondering if my PM came through ok? ON on PM'S it doesnt say that it did ??? Lilly x
    Hey Sarah, long time no see. Will you give us your number again as dropped phone in dogs water bowl and lost ALL my numbers :(
    hey just back from leeds Geeg is amazing! got my poppits n ready to rock!
    what do you do with teeth moulds? my dad is a dental tech and I use his teeth whitening system from usa. I do the whole thing, impressions, bleach, maintenance etc. Expecting a few new teaching jobs so shud be very busy this spring
    Hi Crazysaz

    Its Sarah from Go Gel wondered if you ever got chance to find out more about Go Gel are doing a Conversion course on the 16th March 2009 no charge for conversion course only charge for products you buy on day . email me back if you are interested

    Launch went well had a good few in and drank loads of wine!! Things good here just getting on wit it, got my sunbed & teeth whitening so come down and have a look. Think the teeth whitenings gonna fly so if you want to bring it into your salon Steve could go up on and do it 1 day a week in your place. Had a gr8 response from wedding shows so very exciting - cost is good too (£98 1 session 150 for 2) let me know what you think. Have no phone so keep salon no.
    Almond mani is updated solar with new products and ingredients, is lovely to do and had a few bookings on the night so cant wait for them to come in.
    have no phone so call me in the salon 00353 41 984 5751, havent spoken to you in ages. Hows salon? I'm very quiet so having a launch of almond mani to shake things up a little.
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