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  • Ahh petal so sorry you have been threw a rough patch, i hope your ok now and Billie bless her. I came off for a while but once again the addiction is back. Missed you on here, glad your back :)
    Not been up to much myself just plodding along, had a foot op in January so just starting to feel ok after that.
    If you ever need a chat just message me petal as always on .
    Here is looking to a bright future :) xxxx
    Hiya hun hows you? hope you and your family had a nice Christmas? all the best for 2014 x x x
    Thank you Colleen, You're a great girl xx
    No not offended at all Lol, that was sooo funny hahahaha
    Hope you weren't offended
    lol nope, no your post didn't sound braggy at al LOL
    i can't stop laughing omg Did mine ???
    so, so funny
    Hahaha so funny, yeah i thought you put your (bragging) post on in order to make fun of my (bragging) post, ive got stomach pains laughing at this right now, the tears are streaming down my face, so funny, i read mine back after reading your multiple collectables at like a fortune a piece and i started deleting all my massive this, massive thats and here it turns out you weren't taking the piss at all, im so, so sorry, lmfao. your post was beautiful, and ive got some serious sooking up to do now lol xx
    Did i sound like i was bragging lol, i didnt mean to, its just that when your young everything looks so big, i just remember it fondly thats all.
    Do you think if i delete one of the 'massives' anyone will notice lol
    Sorry not been around for absolutely ages but really hope you're doing well?

    Just read your drunken night out about your tooth, you poor sod! I don't think I can ever match something like that but... I've fallen asleep in a toilet bowl head actually in the toilet lunged forward after basically ended up necking glasses of greek incredibly dry wine , became like water to be honest and took me an amazing 2 hours to actually stagger back to the hotel bar and passed out in a chair and have no clue of how I got back into the hotel room after falling backwards onto a platform of concrete and not feeling a thing.

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