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  • hi, thanks for the like, its lovely to see how far your beautiful little girl has come, she must make you very pround and she must be a little fighter:hug:xx
    I'm grand... hope you're ok?... lovely to see the pics, God she's a beautiful little girl, I can see now why she's the apple of your eye xxx
    I'm doing OK thanks lol. How's everything going .. You haven't told me.!
    That doesn't sound silly at all! When in the beginning you were taking hour by hour and day by day... for her to lose her first tooth is a HUGE deal!! She is reaching milestones which you probably dared to imagine... how amazing is your girl? Best get some pics of that gappy grin on here! lol. Have so much respect for you Colleen, you've been through so much yet remain so strong and upbeat.... wonder where Billie gets that from? xx
    Colleen your daughter is absolutely gorgeous... I could eat her up! And what a strong, brave little fighter... I cannot even begin to guess how proud you are!

    Stay strong for her... she will amaze you day by day x Much love to you both x
    I am sorry Colleen about your daughter, I hope I was not too like forward with my last remark. For me though I will send you a pm of what I have to sort of explain as I am more mature now about my medical problems lol.

    But I am more than sure she'll be fine just yea try not to stress too much. It's a good thing they didn't put them under a GA since it could potentially do more harm than good so to speak.
    Thank-you; but I don't do anything, I wish I could do more. Your thread has really touched me. Much love xx
    I'm so delighted with your great news on the new job.. fair play to you... they're lucky to get you :hug:
    Hi Colleen, i was reading about your spirits thread and you feeling unsafe and was wondering how things are now? Hope you and your family are all safe and well xx
    Ha ha ha ha... gas thing is, that it's not a joke, it's a real toy!!... Imagine!!!
    Ha ha ha ha knew you'd get a laugh out of that... still never got my sea monkeys, I'm gutted about that, so might get myself a dora to cheer meself up! :lol:
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