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  • Nope... they all probably think I am now though! ;-)

    Glad to hear things have calmed down a little now. Definitely get someone in and find out what this spirit is up to! Best of luck x
    Hi hun I was reading your thread this morning about your ghost. Hows things going? You feeling any safer? x
    Just been reading the nss wholesaler thread.....LIDL is awesome -especially the biscuit isle . You must go lol ! x
    Hello, I PM'd you and I really hope it helps. Please don't hesitate to contact me anytime to chat xxx
    Ha ha ha ha ... that's me too... I asked Callum if he'd like a nice lego house with the gift voucher he got for Xmas, cause I really wanted it for myself, but the little **** didn't want it and bought a toy car instead! ... I really wanted that house :(
    I'm worse than a kid and I really wanted them for me so I'm raging he's not impressed, so I had a brainwave and decided that I could buy them for my Nephew's Birthday at the end of the Month, but had to check with my Sister (she's very fussy and would kill me if I didn't ask before getting something like that) She says she'll suss him out... let's hope he's not like my Son :lol: .... although he's going to be 8 and I'm not sure if he's too cool for them, but we'll wait and see!
    Well, you won't believe this, but I showed Callum the utube video of the Sea Monkeys and asked him what he thought... he looked bored and said "don't like them... they're boring"... OMG!!! :eek: what is wrong with this kid?

    He was the same when I asked if he wanted a Goldfish... no interest and I thought he'd love one. The Sea Monkeys are so much more exciting if you ask me, but he's still not bothered!... I'm not impressed!!
    Oh God never thought of that and my little fella would be bound to open the bubble... thanks a mill, I'll have a nosey around. :)
    These any good?

    The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys Grow & Show Wrist Aquarium | eBay

    What do you think?... Don't think we have a toys r us near us
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