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  • XXX Things are "interesting" with Mum (as in pretty darned difficult, but hey-ho!) My book needs more attention; I shall have to get back to it. Going to Beauty North on Sunday, so that will be a welcome break from daily routine. Hope all is better with you - how's your poor hand? xx
    Sweetheart .. I know how you feel .. I broke my wrist 8 weeks ago ... Ouch if I do nails .. It doesn't bend so well! Lol. Plus I sprained all the tendons in the same hand and wrist .. Double ouch .. But it is slowly getting there. Xxx. All this will pass .. Try to be patient. Lots of love. X
    Hey you ... I was only thinking about you the other day and wondering what you were doing! So ... What are you doing these days? How are you? Hoping you are well. I have just been moving into a new cottage in the UK but off back to Spain next week until November. Wish I was staying! X
    Hi CC, thanks for like. x
    Hope all is well with you and the lovely little Billie.
    Still working on our book! xx
    Thanks so much CC; she's battling on, actually stood yesterday, amazing really!
    How are you? How did you get on with the trade tests? Hope little Billie is doing well and looking forward to the summer hols. xx
    Thank you and I really hope you get what you want Colleen, you deserve it and sorry you are not feeling so well xx
    Still think she is very vulnerable right now Colleen and if he contacts her I think she may still respond, but hopefully she will listen to the majority, but not so sure xxx
    Thank you Colleen. Such a terrible situation!! xx
    im so happy for you.That is great.Yes I really want to see some more of your work post some pics for me.I'm so glad things are going really well for you xxx
    Hey coleen, I'm going to Norwich for my comp :) very excited but i have loads to prepare! I will post some photos of my latest work to show you at some point :) hope you are well. Xoxo
    My boys are great thank you. I'm good now a cnd master painter wa hey! It was a good fun course. I'm going away in may doing body painting comp. X :)
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