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  • Lol I watched the x factor to it's very cringe lol.Ahh that Geordie bloke was hillerious I loved grandad was a geordie.the girl at the end who was shouting and screaming when she was singing was so welcome for the heart.sorry to hear your having a tough time at the moment I hope all gets sorted out xxx
    Ahh thankyou for the heart, i hope everything goes ok petal, keep strong:hug:xxx
    Ah thats good hun, im ok just watching xfactor and cringing as always put silly geordies on!! we never come across well on tv :( x x
    Helllowwwwwww Colleen! I'm so jealous for both of you and lee that you work at the same place. I'm good. Business is slow but. Expect it to be. It's good that I'm so because I am enjoying time with my boys during summer holiday. I will work harder advertising in September.

    I hope you and your loved ones are well :) xoxoxox mona
    Thanks for the like...feeling a bit emotional at the moment and your story really upset me especially as I can see how much you love must have been such a shock for you. It happened to my brother when he was young, the bites just missed his eyes he was so lucky...Hope you feel better soon...lots of love..Caron..x
    missed your visitor message due to only having app access for a while haha, the hounds are DDB x Rott and a pain in the posterior but we lurrrrve them! xx
    Hey fray fray! You're up late! And thanks, boo! xx you know if you wanna have a play with designs all you gotta do is text :D
    You my new fray fray. Hi fray fray! :lol: it was awesome meeting you and having a face to go with your name :D
    Tell me all about it. Need to catch up, I know! Been manic on lots of different fronts. Home .. children .. Training etc. going to have to slow down somewhere along the line. X
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