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  • hiya hun, just seen the sunburn pic, poor little thing thats awful, you must be furious!! hope she ok x x
    You will look great hun, your hair looks amazing and you look sooooo young x x
    Evening, thanks for the heart, i hope you can post a pic as you will look fab x x
    Yes! And since I'm swinging by her to sign it, I'll ask hubby to drive past the salon so I can take a peek hehe
    Oh idk. I have to meet up with her tomorrow to finally sign the contract lol we should exchange numbers or something :) we get to play with the products together in 2 weeks time! Excited! xx
    Ahh i bet yr fab at nail art :) my limit is three gems stuck on, my 13 yr old daughter is good mind, she is quite hyper but this is something she will sit and do for hours ;)
    Aha I no what you mean about the goth look, I had
    Ballet pumps on today with no tights and my feet looked blue!! Well I bet yr really exited to start the job, wish I was good at nail art but im not, I love doing gel nails but look at some of the nail art on here and it amazes me, some very talented girls :) x x
    Ahhh bless her x i hope we get the sun back and i hope Aprils sun was'nt our summer!
    Yr job sounds great, what nails will you be doing? You do bio sculpture dont you? xxx
    Ahh yr daughter looks so cute :) bet she keeps you busy. Ive been at my boyfriends in North Yorkshire all weekend so just got train back home to Newcastle before, arrived home and its soooo cold, like winter!
    Ahh were is your new job? What will you be doing? x x
    Oh colleen, just saw the thread about your beautiful little girl, she was so tiny you must have been so worried about her.
    I'm glad she is doing well now, she's is gorgeous.
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