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    Where is Geeg?

    Very much missed.A wonderful woman who helped me no end with advice on nails and work.Geeg literally changed my life with something not to do with nails.As I'm writing this its all here for you to see,I can spell so much better,use paragraphs and I can use punctuation lots more.It has changed my...
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    We saw this today and it was fantastic.I love magical/fairy tale films and this just hit all my loves about a film. I could watch it again and again.Im not a fan actress wise of Angelina but in this she was just amazing perfect actress for the job she was just captivating.
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    Silliest reasons to dump somebody?

    I need to know more hahahaha please share I'm crying with laughter
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    Hello how are you?.Good to be back and thanks for your messages.Its been a heavy few months but...

    Hello how are you?.Good to be back and thanks for your messages.Its been a heavy few months but I feel so much better.You know when u have jut had the life sucked out of you lol.Billie is good thank you,had not a great hospital appointment this week but hey we will deal with it she's a little...
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    Hey Geeks it's been a long time

    It's great to be back,hahahaha I had to Google what asterisks meant after reading your posts lol. I'm most defiantly hanging around.x
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    Hey Geeks it's been a long time

    Hey geeks thanks for your lovely kind words.Ive missed you all and geeking,I just haven't had the energy mentally and physically.It's been a rollercoaster. So what's new geeks.x
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    Hey Geeks it's been a long time

    Hey Geeks how are you all, it's been a long time. I've had a shall we say a **** time lately, lots of things consuming my time and emotions and just haven't had the energy to geek :((((. It seems that the old goat is back hahahaha I'm out of the pit of despair. I've missed you all but just...
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    jacquelineanna, gr8nails and dandelionpoppy; remember the good old days?

    Let sausagegate commence hahahaha so funny.I had a lot of laughs reading there funny posts.
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    How lovely

    Happy birthday :) xx
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    Personal life advice difficulties

    I'm going to add something here,I think sometimes a mans feelings are overlooked quite a lot.They have feelings etc to just like women and a lot of the time it's all about the women and the man gets forgotton.Maybe he is feeling just like you but can't express it like you can. I also think...
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    Escorting 18+?

    I'm not a judgemental person and I'm a very open book,If this is something you are seriously looking into I would do your research VERY VERY carefully.There will be lots of companies out there that will advertise escort only,no sex etc when that is not entirely true. There are companies that...
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    How was your Christmas?

    Got up early yesterday opened prezzys with my gal and OH my gal was overjoyed,then did the journey to me mums and had brecky etc.Came home and the meat was all cooked :).Had dinner and relaxed.It was the best Christmas I have ever had with my gal and OH.Full of joy and real family time. Today...
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    Do you and your partner have a pet name for each other?

    Well we call each other swear words banter all the way........but not infront of the child :).we call each other ass whole,nob,and much worse lol.His nick name is kilo so I call him that now and again but mostly just use swearys hahaha oh he calls me bollock a lot. Our telephone convosations...
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    The Christmas Word Game

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    Just for fun - types of forum user

    Your not really lol just made me giggle ............,very childish Colleen x